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Don’t Regulate AI; Govern It

Twitter Is Dead To Me

Bad Weather At Apple

Truth Be Told

A.I. Is Dangerous Navel-Gazing

Technology Fantasies

Bose QC Earbuds 2 Review

Apple Broke My Home

Define Innovation

Believe Them

The Musth Of Elon

One Day With HomePod Mini

One Day With iPhone 12 Pro

Apple Lacks A Leader

To Lead Or Not To

The Twitter Embargo

Apple’s Time Remaining

Listen Facebook

I Hate (The New) Apple

How To Fix Twitter

Triple Threat Founders

Change Symantec

How Technology Must Grow Up

The Problem With Social

Don’t Copy Silicon Valley

Apple’s Finite Loop

Are VCs Still Relevant?

The Evolution Of Apple

The Evolution Of Innovation

HP In A Bottle

Innovation In … Pants

The Future Of Photo Editing

Google Does Not Care

LightZone Is Dead

Caution In The Cloud

Missing Steve Jobs Already

Fake Tits And Money

Gesture (On PC) Is Out

Palm’s Bad Apple

eBay Post-Mortem

Bye Bye eBay

TV Is Dead

Cable TV On iPad

Bye bye Microsoft

Nintendo Laurels

Best Buy doesn’t translate

Free Everything For Startups

Respect As Currency

iPhone 5

How VCs Kill Innovation

Idiot Entrepreneurs

Saving Silicon Valley

Why VC Is Such A Bad Date

There Never Was A Tech Bubble

Idiot CEOs

How To Compete With Apple

How To Spot Subprime VC

Which Investors To Avoid

Cooliris Is Cool

Digital Railroad in trouble?

The Odd Face Of Facebook

The Google Argument

Loving Apple TV Even More

I Have A Dream…

New Opportunities In Gaming

Quality Is Important

Cyclical Innovation

Bye, bye Treo and Palm

Broadcast Media Unleashed

Advertising Make-over

Step it up Skype!

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