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Venture Fund Size

Venture Pitch Deck Review

How To Deal With Venture

Soccer Economics

Go Ahead, Ignore Me

KPCB Culpa Tua

Greater-Fool Economics

KPCB Mea Culpa

Greater-Fool Paradise

Are VCs Still Relevant?

Why VC Can’t Fix Itself

The Jobs Snobs

ILPA Measures

The Meager Role Of Meeker

Trimming Venture

LP Entrapment

Few exits over $100M

The IPO Bubble

Subprime Visas

ILPA etiquette

Dumb EU cookies

Obama’s Pipe Dream

$1B Companies Build GDP

Most Respected VCs? Really?

Money Does Not Equal Risk

Startup America attempts

Infectious Stupidity

Against Small Funds

HealthTrain To Nowhere

VC Spin Doctors

Saving Silicon Valley

Idiot Limited Partners

My Advice To VCs

Does Venture Scale?

VC Performance, A Closer Look

The Curse Of Subprime VC

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