What Are The Pros And Cons Of Freedom Of The Press?

Freedom of any kind cannot exist without its paradox. Such paradox rightfully challenged pertaining to the press.

Learn To Think

Critical thinking, as described herein, is a vital and unique human capability we can and must deploy to improve human excellence.

Redirecting The Vectors Of Humanity

Humanity must point all of its vectors designed to expand the fractal of human ingenuity in a single direction.

Big Tech Versus Big Politics

Structural solutions and shortcuts are available to resolve our nation's impasse with two-faced technology companies. Cures I have been prescribing for twelve years. It is never too late to get real.

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Laissez-Faire?

Trust but verify. The trust in laissez-faire is deserving only to marketplaces proving to govern themselves appropriately.

Accelerating Infinite Regression In Asset Management

As I explain in The Evolution of Evolution, when humanity merely evolves downstream, from an existing normalization of truth, get ready for infinite regression. That is my stern warning to Dutch funds, APG and PGGM, promoting an AI-driven investment platform for asset-owners.

One Single, Simple, And All-Encompassing Goal For Humanity

I am reducing the 17 so-called Sustainable Development Goals of The United Nations to just 1, but not before explaining how flawed those attempts are.

The Assisted-Suicide Of OECD Economics

The inability of OECD economists to think differently kills their reputation to all but the remaining lame-ducks of humanity.

Positive, The Most Negative Word Of 2020

A real optimist is a cynical realist, determined we can, must, and shall do better than submit to the apathy of false positivity. We can build a magnificent systemic response to nature's entropy.

Sean Penn Is A Good Man

I like Sean Penn for his stance on the meaning of life, his acting, and the work he is doing to pick-up the slack on pandemic relief. Authentic curiosity and empathy for the human condition driving his efforts. Hats off.

COVID-19 And The Impact On Financial Systems

In this interview, I highlight how the coronavirus has issued a stern warning we must remodel our financial systems after nature's principles, so as to improve human adaptability to nature's entropy.

Why Innovate?

This seemingly innocuous question leads to some interesting discoveries.

Dear U.N., Sustainability Is Evolutionary Bullshit. My Ode to Real Scientists

The U.N. promulgates a theory of climate change fundamentally incompatible with evolution, what could possibly go wrong?

Climate Change Is No Hoax

Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not.

You Are Responsible

We must each begin to adhere to nature's gameplay. Only then do we have a chance to benefit from our intelligence to outlive a common fly.

Growth For The Sake Of Growth Is The Ideology Of A Cancer Cell

Manmade systems oblivious to nature's rule induce manmade cancer.

Entropy For Dummies

Entropy is the irreversible reduction of available energy subjected to the evolution of all objects, animate and inanimate, in our universe. A process perhaps best visualized by the explosion of fireworks.

Climate Change Is Unsolvable

President Trump and Joe Biden, in the run-up to the Presidential election, have staked out dueling positions on the climate, suggesting voters to either care or not care about our environment. Both are wrong.

The Chinese Internet

Interesting technology statistics about China.

The Bitcoin Before The Horse

Bitcoin, as the best known non-fiat online crypto-currency, is more frequently portrayed as the magic potion of a thriving new economy. Not so fast, say I, as Bitcoin will make the world flat again.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Keynesian Economics?

Well-organized depravity of reason has no pros.

Nature Controls Us

We must induce a new humanitarian compass to better adapt to nature’s entropy.

What Are The Major Disadvantages Of Innovation?

Technology innovation must first pass a rudimentary litmus test of evolutionary integrity before it is splattered around the world as undeniable gospel.

First-Principles For Dummies

First-principles are indeed for dummies, and only useful when you realize they are, at best, second-principles.

Cheap Divisive People

I would not trust any politician who treats the problems with the U.S. Postal Service using skin-deep easy-peasy talking points. Reaffirming the need for a litmus test for politicians once again.

The Problem With Social

Social networks must change if they want to survive and become a driving force for good. And all it takes is the removal of social from socialism.

Foundational Depravity

I listened to today's podcast from the World Economic Forum called The Great Reset: Financing a Sustainable Recovery. For a real reset, guaranteed to improve humanity, I suggest you watch my recent interview instead.

Does The Existence Of Negative Externalities As A Result Of Economic Growth Provide An Argument For Limiting Economic Growth?

Blind growth is known to harm evolutionary strengthening and sustainability.

Litmus Reductio, Three Things To Comprehend As Admission To Govern

I cannot stress enough the importance of the proper pedigree in government, for, in the words of Albert Einstein, the theory you are responsible for developing, determines what humanity can discover. A trust that should be earned not given.

In Case You Forgot; Humanity Only Reports To Nature, Not To Itself

It is about time we implement the principles of nature to become better prepared for the entropy, like pandemics, nature throws our way.

Define Sustainability

Sustainability, by any definition, is an evolutionary oxymoron.

KPCB Culpa Tua

John Doerr's purported admission and video interview with Forbes, on the sluggish performance of KPCB, makes him about as believable as Lance Armstong. And that, including his new actions, projects a sad state of affairs from the emperor of venture capital.

Human Supremacy In Perspective

Humanity is not at the top of the food-chain, forcing us to reconsider how we must point the arrows of human development into comprehending and adapting to how nature works and rules us. Systematically.

Freedom Foiled

Freedom is precious, for only freedom can spawn outliers capable of maximizing human ingenuity and capacity to deal with the energy expelled by nature's entropy.

On Transparency In Finance

Transparency is a rule, a consequence, not the goal of finance. A humanitarian goal of finance in dire need of instilling on its anointed operators.

Voting Is For Idiots

I beg you not to vote, if you, like most Americans, are woke enough to realize a choice for either party leads to nothing but a preference for the bifurcated road to the slaughterhouse of human ingenuity, expansion, and longevity.

What Makes You Think?

Let's do a thought-experiment to wake us up from the expired truths of foregone conclusions.

What Are Examples Of Social Evil In Society?

As the most intelligent species on earth we must unleash from a monism of freedom, as the gravest of social evils, to delay our imminent and anthropogenic demise.

Anti ESG

ESG is the ultimate in manufactured consent, an investment thesis of evolutionary deceit worse than no plan at all.

Nature’s Serious COVID-19 Warning

It is not too late to realign human gameplay with nature's gameplay, and dramatically reduce the number of times nature will blow the whistle to reign us in.

A New Norm Comes From The Top

Katy Perry for President, was my first thought when I heard the celebrity singer in an interview with Howard Stern demand a reprioritization of life around the principles of nature. Let me explain how. Go, Katy! You already look much better than Kanye West!

Opposite-Day Tyrants

Stand up and rise against injustice of any kind. Any time, all the time. Especially against the charlatans of injustice for whom opposite-day is every day.

Venture Pitch Deck Review

A review of a VC pitch deck used to raise money from an LP reveals how the performance problems in the venture sector are derived from grandfathered risk mismanagement.

What Is The Definition Of A Sustainable Resource?

Let's put the relativity of sustainability in perspective.

Fear People More Than Nature

For all the wrong reasons people fear nature and put our leaderless leaders on a pedestal. I suggest reversing that stance.

Apple Makes Me Yawn

Nothing in this announcement demonstrates how Apple improves the human condition, the gist of the announcement being "what took you so long?"

How To Build A Sustainable Company

For a company to become sustainable it must first-and-foremost adhere to the guiding principles of human evolution.

Sloppy Apple, No Longer A Premium Brand

Apple is losing it, the state of product revealing Apple's deflating state of mind.

10 Fundraising Lessons Learned Over 10 Years

Let me give you my top-ten tips to raise money from venture capital investors worthy of alignment with your foresight.

Change We Can

If the Coronavirus teaches us anything, it is that we know how to induce change when we must. A realization that gives me hope for the future.

WTF Are You Doing?

What are we doing on this planet? What is the meaning of life? Let me pose a seminal question we should all be able to answer.

Hotel CalPERS

CalPERS' problems are not the players but its investment game. Macro over micro. Cause over consequence.

Why 99.4% Of Venture Capital Firms Fail

The vast majority of venture capital firms fail to produce consistent venture style returns to their limited partners. Here is why.

Relativity For Dummies

Relativity is easy to understand. So, let me explain its most rudimentary form determining the evolution of (almost) everything in the universe, as discovered by Albert Einstein one-hundred years ago.

To Lead Or Not To

We need to elevate the practice of leadership to show the world who we really are.

Capitalize On Nature

Taking care of nature and capitalism are not mutually exclusive. We definitely can inspire the world with new humanitarian excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

Dauphin Summers

Economists, like Larry Summers, have a tendency to make shit up after a threat appeared unexpectedly in their rear-view mirror, for their modus-operandi is to deploy an extrapolation of hindsight sold as foresight to break the norm. Be forewarned, as an expert on ill-conceived consequences is merely a rebel without a cause.

Europe Falls For ESG And Its Idiocracy

There are as many definitions of ESG as people looking into it.

The Depravity Of Reason

Confounding of consequence and cause is the reason we build disheveled systems fundamentally incompatible with our ability to produce. It also deprives us of our most basic human right, universal freedom.

For Our Economy To Succeed, Classical Economics Must Die

Classical economics is a religion stuck in the perpetuity of undesirable consequences, void of any connection to cause.

The Vile Maxim Of Sustainability

A religion promulgating sustainability violates nature's rule and leads to the "all for me and nothing for anyone else" we must eradicate to improve humanity.

Now Is The Time To Deploy Human Intelligence

The coronavirus pandemic is just one of the forms of entropy nature throws our way. Here we have developed a more fundamental and lasting approach to improve our adaptability and regenerative excellence.

How Top-Quartile Runs Out Of Merit

Top-quartile wins my proclamation as the most delusional way to measure VC performance or any financial firm for that matter. And none of us should be surprised that innovation cannot reach maximum potential, with such meritless accountability of its arbitrage.

Family Offices Are Tired Of Conferences – Something Else Is Needed

Something else is needed indeed, a unique investment thesis that makes your arbitrage as different as the families you represent. Dare to be different, or go home.

I Am Insulted By The Lack Of Impact From A Chief Impact Officer

Impact investing dies in the hands of people who cannot be questioned about what evolutionary impact entails.

Why ESG Is A Dangerous Religion

Why is it, that a thesis of finance eleven times the size of production does not get vetted and scrutinized?

The Diversity Debacle

Manufactured diversity, of any kind, yields not only grave depravity of reason but also bad outcomes.

Normalizations For Dummies

The quest to discover the highest normalization of nature's truth dramatically improves human adaptability to nature's entropy, and thus prolongs human life on earth.

The Evolution Of Evolution

To understand evolution is to understand the need for a new rulebook of humanity to optimize our ever-changing equilibrium with nature and to prolong our existence on earth.

Subprime Venture Capital

Venture capital suffers from the same deployment of uniform risk that was discovered in the mortgage crisis.

Broken-System Gameplay Poisons Everything

I could not have said this any better.

Second Wave Idiots

The authoritarian rule of nature cannot be supported by non-authoritarian governance of humanity.

I Told You So: India Bans 59 Apps

I warned technology companies five years ago. The days are numbered thinking you can sell the equivalent of sugar-water to the world and expect to get away with spawning yet another mind-numbing addiction that accelerates an anthropogenic cascade.

Has The dot.com Situation In 2020 Not Vastly Improved From 1990/2000s?

We must measure value creation in the business of innovation based on how technology improves human adaptability to nature's entropy, and to ensure the pageantry of positivity surrounding technology is not used and abused to rob the bank of humanity's evolutionary excellence.

I Was 10 Years Ahead…Or More Alarmingly, The Greater-Fools Were 10 Years Behind

Eventually, the world will have to wake up from the self-induced sleep of reason.

Leaderless Leaders

The Last Dance of humanity requires new gameplay deployed by new leaders unafraid to take humanity on.

How Steve Jobs Proved Venture Capital Wrong

Steve Jobs died today. As the ultimate arbiter of innovation I suggest venture capitalists to heed and imprint Steve's principles into their brains.

Does The Need For Theology Go Hand In Hand With An Absolutist Mindset?

A reader asked the above fair question in comparison with science, based on an article I posted referencing Mike Pence's disturbing stance on evolution.

Sorry David Attenborough

For less than $5 million per year we can preempt and improve humanity's response to climate change and other forms of nature's entropy.

Idiot CEOs

The title of this article is how one Silicon Valley CEO described to me his colleagues in startups who submit to venture capital arbitrage today.

A New Perspective On Human Evolution

Humanity must deploy better systems to improve the longevity of the human race.

The Eurozone Is On The Wrong Side Of Evolution

The Eurozone is not only a democratic fallacy, it is a celebration of mediocrity that flattens and destroys the unique core competencies of its members. The opposite of a deeper granularity of freedom mankind deserves.

Facebook, L’Enfant Terrible

Facebook is like an infant with parents strung out on drugs, the child sadly left to its own devices.

The Private Equity Malaise

It is time for asset managers to “come to Jesus” and face a new evolutionary reality of asset management.

Data Leads To Depravity

Heavy reliance on data leads to the systematic confounding of consequence and cause, and worse, a systematic depravity of reason. No need to be a genius to understand how.

My Ignorance Is Just As Good As Your Imagination

At a time when the relevance and workings of democracy are rightfully questioned, I resonate with and augment a quote about how people think and vote.

A Bose NC700 Redemption Song

Credit where credit is due from a new firmware update breathing new life into Bose's over-the-ear active noise-canceling headphones released last year.

The Twitter Embargo

When you pledge allegiance to the Constitution, you should know about the inherent speech and behavioral traits incompatible with the regenerative excellence of the human species.

Can Policymakers Mount The Bold Response Needed To Return The US To A Position Of Global Leadership, Or Is America’s Strategic Decline Now Inevitable?

Yes, when we reinvent ourselves against a new normalization of truth, with a policy of policy that improves human adaptability to nature's entropy.

Quote Of The Day: Medicine To The Dead

Proximal development has its limits, when you reach it, get out of the centrifuge of regurgitation, using Thomas Paine’s wisdom.

Venture Capital Needs A Reset, My Message To Limited Partners

Venture capital needs a reset, my message to limited partners.

Why ESG Will Fail Us, Spectacularly

ESG is yet another manmade manacle, conjured up in complete ignorance to the rules of nature, and thus an evolutionary false-positive.

I Do Not Know What Evolutionary Merit Is But It Sure As Hell Sounds Like Eugenics

I explain the concept of evolutionary merit referencing the integrity of bold federal legislation needed to improve the excellence of humanity.

Go Ahead, Ignore Me

The economic arbiter that holds our world hostage needs to be reinvented, and only a fool would wait for its purveyors to do so.

A Fantasy World Running Out of Character

We have created a fantasy world, running out of inspirational character. We must breathe new life into the brave world we envision, so the world we want to escape to is the world we actually live.

Humanity’s One-Hundred-Year-Old Challenge

To save humanity from early extinction, we must realign the vectors of human expansion to the way nature evolves and improve human adaptability to combat the decline of available energy induced by nature’s entropy.

Friend Or Foe Of Private Equity

Merely to question PE performance is considered heresy, a charge that should be reversed to put a religion of finance on notice to change immediately and fundamentally. We have come to the rescue.

Rebuild America

Our manmade systems fail to protect and unleash our freedoms. Here is how the manmade theory must change to improve what humanity can discover.

The New Job Of Finance

Finance can and must play a new and prominent role in the improving adaptability of humanity to nature.

Apple Lacks A Leader

Only a real leader can elevate the value of innovation to truly benefit humanity.

As I Predicted: Respect Our Values Or Expect Regulations

Mark Zuckerberg could have saved a lot of money and gained respect if he had sought my advisory.

The Paradox Of Freedom

Freedom is the hallmark of American society, an attraction that led me to this country, to begin with. Little did I know then, I would have to define the economics of freedom myself if I ever wanted to live amongst it.

Podcasting; A New Free Market By Apple

Radio is about to get a major overhaul.

The Evolution Of Innovation

Only a new form of venture capital held to the same meritocracy as innovation can discover it.

Breaking Down Democracy

Our democracy must evolve into an evolutionary meritocracy in compliance with nature’s principles to begin to serve human evolution.

Is Meritocracy On The Way Out?

Supposed top-minds think meritocracy is on the way out. I say meritocracy is on the way in, better normalized, with nature instead of man defining merit. Top-minds toppled.

The Excellence Of Unchange

I warn you not to err on the side of unchange, masquerading as change.

The Positivity That Kills Us

Populist positivity amidst serious economic consequences is a charade. A pageantry of false positivity, even seeping through Larry Summers' short letter to the President.

Does One Need To Stand Up For The Rights Of All?

No, you do not need to stand up for people who, hibernating in the sleep of reason in the den of failing laissez-faire constructs, do dumb things, either to other individuals or damage humanity's collective interests.

Sorry Steve Jobs, But I Have No Choice

Apple is slowly falling apart as I first signaled in 2010, during Steve Jobs' absence. Here is the apology I envision Tim Cook is writing in his head to Steve Jobs already.

Pancake Economics

Freedom reigns in finance, with shallow investment strategies skimming money off the top of increasingly commoditizing assets. That is not the way to catch and support an outlier paramount in helping society evolve.

There Never Was A Tech Bubble

There never was a Tech bubble. Call it what it is. It was and will be again a financial arbitrage bubble.

The State of Venture Capital Infographic

The State of Venture Capital infographic sheds light on the broken fundamentals of innovation's arbitrage.

Make America Great (Not Again)

We are not great. Not until the regenerative adaptability to nature's entropy proves we are. Yet, we can be great, if we strive to make it so.

What Should I Start Studying Now To Become A VC?

Before you ask the question what skills you should have as a VC, let's be clear on what goose you are chasing.

How To Set And Ask For Valuations

Valuations of outlier value have no precedent, for its value has no precedent. An investor's assessment of valuation is a direct reflection of the upside he can envision. So, after your presentation be quiet and let him tell you how his vision aligns with yours.

The State Of Economics

Today’s economics is incompatible with evolution. I explain how and what change we must incur.

Thou Shalt Not Dump, Thou Shalt Produce And Use Clean, Renewable Energy. Or Die Trying. How’s That For A Social Contract?

More rules without the apriori establishment of a theory embedded in a system only yield more rebels without a cause.

What Is Sustainable Development?

Sustainability is an evolutionary oxymoron, perpetuated by cheap karma.

The Evolution Of Apple

The real problem of Apple is that Tim Cook is not a product guy. And without a renewal of product strategy, Apple will lose its place on the technology throne, after it has maximized the addressable market of its downstream evolution.

The Big Venture Capital Mistake

Venture capital is not supposed to have become subprime micro-private equity. Furthermore, the risk profiles of private equity and venture capital are polar opposites.

Introducing The VC blacklist: 217 And Counting

An entrepreneur traced and plotted out every "reputable investor" he pitched to. More than 217 investors passed the "hot potato" startup on to another, without doing anything or explaining why, a clear symptom of dumb herd mentality.

Tim Crook

Apple CEO, Tim Cook, attempts to fool a world impressed by riches over reason, again.

Apple’s Stance On Encryption Is An Attack On Freedom

Apple's stance on encryption violates a modern relativity theory of freedom by which government can work to prevent present dangers and stave-off the future systemic fallacies of an untenable absolutism of freedom.

Marketplace Rules: Look, Do Not Touch

Marketplaces must comply to strict no interference rules to enable freedom.

VC Roast; How To Take Venture For A Ride

A roast is a great way to combine the serious with the ridiculous. It is time to roast venture capital.

Former Fed Chief Found Economists “Useless”

The opportunity to reinvent economics is wide-open if the people associated can detach themselves from an outdated normalization of truth.

Why Do I Feel So Dissociated From The Rest Of Humanity? To The Point Where I Feel Like I Am An Alien?

Because we built the wrong systems of humanity, in conflict with your (and nature's) innate sense of value. Consider yourself blessed.

In Search Of The Economist VC

We need venture capitalists with a macro-view of the world.

You Have A Soul

I sing the blues from the kind of entrepreneurialism that knows no precedent and describe the behavior of people attempting to knock you down. As long as your normalization of truth remains defensible, I hope this inspires you to keep going too.

Why Democracies Fail Or Succeed

A democracy must be subjugated to evolutionary first-principles to improve humanity.

Can Technology Companies Be Trusted?

Trust is a consequence, not a cause. We first need new principles to govern a modern world for trust to carry meaningful value.

Does Everything Evolve Around Systems?

No, but systems are a prerequisite to everything we do to improve human adaptability to nature's entropy.

KPCB Mea Culpa

Top-tier Silicon Valley venture firm Kleiner-Perkins-Caufield-Byers admitted poor performance, no surprise from what I witnessed from the writing on their walls.

Broken From The Top

We can never fully recover if we do not face our fundamental problems, head-on, that permeate everything we do.

Breaking News: Apple’s Tim Cook Leaving To Head Up Boar’s Head

Since the possibility of news is big business, I hereby launch my own.

Greater-Fool Economics

Venture capital, as the arbitrage of innovation, is the poster-child of greater-fool economics. And groundbreaking innovation that spawns immediate global impact deserves so much better. Less apparent is how greater-fool economics haunts us all.

Four Things To Not Change The World

Out come the charlatans of change vying to change the world. Do not be fooled by the old resold as new.

The Greatest Lie Of All

The greatest lie is the one we tell ourselves, because we are afraid to take ourselves on.

How Dare You?

The sanity of world leaders must be questioned when we discover they have accepted foregone conclusions invalidated by new normalizations of truth. So, let's send them back to school.

Al Gore’s Allegory Of A Sustainable Climate

Al Gore preaches the confounding of consequence and cause of sustainability, nonexistent anywhere in our universe. Let's set him straight to not induce another infinitely expanding tautology.

What Are Problems Caused By Class Differences And Social Inequalities?

A static assignment of merit imposed on our vital inequalities is what leads to evolutionary paralysis.

Fyde Blows The Whistle On GDPR

GDPR is proven worthless by Fyde.

Sustainability Woes

Almost thirty years of talking and consensus-building around sustainability have not yielded systemically improved regenerative excellence of all humanity, quite the opposite.

Rethink Asset Management

Asset management must attach to a higher normalization of evolutionary truth to consistently yield renewable investment returns from tracing the long of human ingenuity and performance.

Earth Expects You To Respect Her

You forced your civilisation upon us and now look where we are. A message from smart indigenous people realizing we must change the vector of the operating-systems of humanity.

Trust Is Earned, Not given. Built By The Unwavering Authenticity, Integrity, And Transparency For A Cause Greater Than Yourself

Trust must be distributed only to those deserving of socioeconomic merit.

The Judicial System Proves Our Systems Wrong

Literally, anyone with a basic understanding of the law can debunk our foundational systems and outdated theses.

How Would You Recommend Broaching This Subject With Friends And Family? It’s A Rather Straightforward And Logical Concept, Yet It’s Not A Mainstream Topic.

Fair question. The adoption rate of nature's theory, as the basis for a new operating-system for humanity, is dependent on the proximal development of every individual. I am not in the conversion business, I can only make you think.

How Technology Must Grow Up

Technology's immature operating systems yield more oligarchic governance than its "analog" precedent. With the pageantry of populism blissfully cheering on the public's favorite new toy.

A New Way In Is The Way Out Of Venture

Flight is a natural, but inappropriate response for limited partners in venture capital. The best way out is a new way in.

The Pot Of Congress Calling Facebook’s Kettle Black

The interrogation of Facebook's CEO by Congress makes clear we must seek a higher normalization of human excellence.

How To Fix VC Once And For All

The venture business needs an overhaul, and all it needs is to be infused with rudimentary free-market principles.

Why Innovation Needs Regulation

Any marketplace proclaiming to be free must adhere to a set of principles of economics enabling and protecting such freedom. A lesson technology innovation has yet to incorporate.

SEC’s Scarlet Letter About ESG, And Why Finance Must Improve Its Methods and Facts

To build a better society, methods and facts matter says SEC commissioner Peirce, challenging the validity of ESG.

NYSE Euronext’s Free Market Fallacy

NYSE Euronext sent me a message about their "free-market" product. We must stop this kind of false advertising from misleading the innocent.

Asset Management Reinvented

Asset Management must be reinvented to track more accurately the performance of human ingenuity and capacity. Let me explain the broad strokes how.

How To Combat Technocratic Bullying

We cannot let technology create totalitarian monisms to control and exploit people.

How Does A Socialist Person Manage To Fit In This Capitalist Individualist Self-Destructive World That We Live In?

Let’s set the record straight on the validity of these artificial type-castings. And then leave them behind.

We Fail Because We Lie

All evil begins with a lie. The biggest evil comes from the biggest lies, and the biggest lies are the ones we tell ourselves.

Why Modern Portfolio Theories Are Dying

The economics at the bedrock of our portfolio strategies are flawed. Pancake strategies wide in circumference and shallow in depth.

We’re In Trouble

Bad times are ahead because of our own economic ignorance. Yet if you are on the production side of innovation, you should have little to worry about.

How Should Entrepreneurs Approach The Valuation Question?

An outlier knows no precedent valuation.

A Real Optimist Is A Critical Realist Determined We Can, Must And Shall Do Better.

Out with the pageantry of positivity masking grave manmade depravity.

Don’t Bite The Public Hand That Feeds You

Entrepreneurs should partner only with venture investors who understand the needs of the public and invest to build socioeconomic upside. For the simple reason we are all members of the public.

How Fractal Finance Obliterates Economics

Our stale religion of economics does not stand a chance against a new normalization of evolutionary relevance.

Venture Capital: The Enemy Is Us

The Kaufmann Foundation appears to have read my stance on venture capital over the last 7 years. Good for them.

Fake Tits And Money

A woman who picks a man for his money deserves a man who picks a woman for her boobs. An entrepreneur who picks an investor for money, will get an upside that serves only as arm-candy.

How To Kill Humanity: Man Becomes Robot While Robot Becomes Man

Wake up, people! It is high time we demonstrate how human intelligence can be deployed to strengthen rather than weaken humanity, and avoid this foolish bait-and-switch.

No Greenspan, Freedom Is Not A Free-For-All

The one-eyed economic geniuses thrive in the land of the blind.

Why We Need A New Operating-System For Humanity

A new operating system for humanity is not a “nice-to-have”, but an absolute necessity to prolong the sanity and renewal of humanity.

Free Freedom

Freedom itself must be freed from its current narrow definition and outright misplaced control, if we want the bravery of its pursuit to be responsible for the invention of a much brighter future.

The Free-Market Pretense On Display

A single image explains why our economy is not a free-market system.

A New Truth, Role, And Goal For Humanity

Life, if properly normalized, is beautiful and remarkably simple. Let’s make it so.

Greater-Fool Paradise

A venture capital outlook video interview with the National Venture Capital Association reminded me why no self-respecting venture firm or institutional investor should be a member. Especially when it blames the government for the lack of IPOs.

Planet Of Idiots

Life freed from age-old idiocracy becomes truly exhilarating and worth-while.

Will The Economy Recover?

That was the most prominent question every asset manager, venture capitalist, European Parliament member and taxi driver asked me during my visit to London last week.

How LPs Should Deal With VC

Limited partners should exercise their right to become informed. Because venture capitalists are cheating on them.

Why And How to Develop Foresight

Human foresight, as the improving proxy to nature's hindsight, is the impetus to innovation responsible for the expanding fractal of human ingenuity and capacity.

Singapore; A Lesson On How To Build A Flourishing Society

Hats off to the great man who made Singapore what it is today.

Farewell Sustainability, Hello Renewal

Sustainability is for fools. Renewal is for heroes.

Life Is Hard, When You Follow

Instead, follow the path to your own success that has no precedent.

California’s HealthCare Prescription Budget Rejects “The Free-Market” Fallacy

Gavin Newsom rejects the free-market promise of health care. And rightfully so.

On Unicorns

Sometimes words fall short, and an image does the job.

Why I Don’t Buy Into Green VC

Green technology is a viable investment thesis, just not compatible with producing timely venture style returns.

The Stock Market Is Not A Free-Market

Any marketplace can be called free as long as one does not define what freedom means.

Why Technology Cannot Arbitrate Or Build Systems Of Arbitrage

A simple, yet prime, example of why technology is bad for humanity.

Climate Change Requires Human Change – By Proxy

We can no longer rely on the whims of human morality to adapt to the change nature continually throws our way. We must change the human operating system to predict, stave off, and adapt ahead of impending calamities.

The Future Can Be Better Than Our Past

I have discovered nature's first principles to make the future better than our past. All you need to do now is bring the will to change. 

Is Wealth And Power Inequality Inevitable?

Yes, inequality is not only inevitable but desirable.

Out With The Lies

We, humans, tell ourselves some grandiose lies and then act surprised when things do not quite work out as advertised. We must reinvent the systems holding us hostage.

What Is A System?

Human ignorance defying the laws of nature should no longer be awarded, now that we agree on what a system is supposed to do.

Develop An Experience, Not A Product

Building an experience is a CEO level responsibility, because it involves every part of the company.

How Not To Raise Money, My Real World Examples

Having raised some $14M in venture capital, here are some pertinent lessons I learned promulgating innovation.

The State Of Humanity

The State of Humanity highlights why and how we must change our manmade systems to improve human excellence in lockstep with nature.

The Purpose Of Money

I change Benjamin Franklin's definition of the purpose of money to meet the objectives of a new operating-system for humanity.

What Do You Mean By Pseudo-Science?

Pseudoscience, in its best incarnation, is a study that confounds consequence with cause, leading to grave depravity of reason.

Apple’s Time Remaining

I am getting tired of Apple's lousy software quality, bad hardware quality, and dumb design putting a cramp on my style.

How Is Freedom Working For You?

Oprah Winfrey's wise rhetorical relationship-advice comes to mind when reading about the daily abuses of finance, as reported by the media. It is time for us to learn from our mistakes and focus on the infinite evolution of our financial "games".

In Predicting The Future, Macro Matters

As an investor, you need to have the ability to predict the future within an acceptable degree of accuracy. And that is precisely a skill many investors miss out on. The key reason for their deplorable returns.

What Is The Difference Between Private Equity And Venture Capital?

As different as foresight and hindsight are. Same asset-management bucket, completely different risk profiles, and then some.

How LPs In Venture Have Been Fooled, Many Times Over

Limited Partners have not asked the questions they should have, the reason why they have gotten fooled. 

Markets Do Not Exist

With that title I just pulled the pacifier out of the mouths of marketers...and many of them will start crying. Yes, unlearn business school and you might just succeed.

Health Care Is No Business For Tech

The ignorance and infancy of technologists is poorly aligned with the merit of health pre-ordained by evolutionary biology and anthropology.

The Need To Reinvent Economics

At the starting point of the definition and purpose of economics begins the most important differentiation between the prevailing economics of today and renewable economics.

Introducing The Loop. The Engine Of Any Business

With The Loop in place and well managed, it is harder to fail than to succeed. 

The World’s Shrinking Population

Not so fast on the presumption of human overpopulation.

Quora Has Gone Mad, And Why Technology Companies, Again, Must Not Be Allowed To Rule The Human Roost

Quora has become the gutter of societal knowledge. And then some.

The Musical Chairs Of Financial Asset Management

Today's asset allocation in finance resembles the musical-chair game. Before the music stops you better have your eye on a seat.

What Is Freedom? Why Do We Need Freedom?

What is freedom is perhaps the most important question facing the existence, longevity, and future of humanity.

Why Is The Statement “Free Market” A Myth?

An absolutism of freedom is a myth.

The Entropy Of Sustainable Finance

I highlight eight major reasons why sustainability is a rebel without an evolutionary cause.

Letters To A Young Contrarian: Calling All Entrepreneurs To Read This Book

The first book I have read in over 30 years you should too.

Everything Must Change

Everything must change. Using a new normalization of truth to more accurately trace human ingenuity and capacity.

The Dark Side Of VC Positivity

Journalist, author and political activist Barbara Ehrenreich explores the dark side of positive thinking so prevalent in the quest for self-preservation in venture capital.

The Dish On Apple’s Restaurant

Thanks for the Windows phone, Apple. Was a comment left by a friend that reflects my opinion exactly. Yet for much more fundamental reasons than the many opacities of a white background one can imagine.

More Delusions Of Positivity From Tim Draper

Tim Draper is the master pageant of positivity, even in the face of astoundingly defunct economics of innovation's arbitrage.

New Impact For Responsible Investing

Investing is only impactful and responsible when it remains aligned with the principles of evolution. The principles we have yet to implement.

Evolutionary Principles Breathe New Life Into Asset Management

Asset management can play a pivotal role in the expansion of human evolution if guided by newly applied evolutionary first-principles.

Why I Don’t Follow Anyone (On Twitter)

My answer is that Twitter suffers from the barking-dog syndrome. Twitter should have developed a dynamic meritocracy by which it explores the ever expanding fringe of human interests, not stimulate the mediocrity of spiraling collusion of thought.

Your Beliefs Do Not Matter

Only nature's truths matters, your beliefs a mere indication of your propensity to adapt.

How To Compete With Apple

Apple is fundamentally different from any other company in Silicon Valley, but certainly not perfect. And it will most certainly trip up on new leadership. So get ready.

What Are The Positive Effects Of Britain Leaving The E.U.?

Power to the people, at last. And a much needed refresh of politicians. And then some. Give Britain some time to establish itself around a new normal. A higher granularity of sovereignty and freedom is messy, but I dare you, do not bet against it.

Boulevard Of Broken Ideologies

Broken ideologies break the spirit and the opportunities of all people. We need a new master ideology that treats all people with the respect they deserve, and maintains a healthy equilibrium with nature.

We Need A New York Accord

The United States must reestablish its lead and responsibility to the world, in setting right what we did wrong, with authority and action matching nature's pressing authoritarian rule.

Money Does Not Equal Merit

The discourse between money and merit misleads many.

Is The USA A Meritocracy?

No, the USA is not a meritocracy. Not by a long shot.

The Meager Role Of Meeker

If only hindsight were an accurate prognosticator of foresight, Mary Meeker could have a job at my firm.

The Instability Of Ambiguity

Stable ambiguity leads to widespread instability.

Soccer Economics

To understand the need for robust economics, one does not need to be an economist. A rudimentary understanding of sports will do.

Post Darwinian Evolution And Its Ramifications For Humanity

The evolutionary need for adaptability must change the systems of policy, capital, and innovation that currently hold humanity hostage.

Man, Not Nature, Is The Biggest Threat To Mankind

The biggest threat to mankind is our reliance on arcane manmade systems that limit our freedom.

Setting A New Goal In Venture

If we as investors do not change our investor tactics and produce real socioeconomic value, it is inevitable that venture capital will descent even further into micro-PE, and suck the risk and returns out of performance.

Trust Is The Currency Of Success

A dollar bill is not worth a dollar. So the dollar carries with it trust. A trust we appear to be squandering quite consistently. Here is how:

ESG Idiocracy On Display

ESG is an evolutionary false-positive, feverishly celebrated by its apostles.

How To Evaluate Hiring A Startup CEO

We developed our own process recruiting firms have since asked to borrow. Read about it and download our supporting document here now.

How Sub-Prime VC Stings Twice

Venture capital has turned subprime. Do not get caught in its web of lies.

Private Equity Done Right; KKR Industrial Group, Pete Stavros

A fantastic story of how innovative private equity spreads the reward of hard work to all.

I Hate (The New) Apple

To wit, Apple today is like an orchestra without a conductor, producing a cacophony of sounds no longer resembling harmonious music.

The Gift Of Life And Death

Emily Levine movingly and genuinely talks about Life and Death, describing life as "You enrich it as best you can, and then you give it back."

For The Love Of Nature, Don’t Depend on Science

Depend on its outliers instead.

Losing VC Money Is Not Our Biggest Problem

HBR's article hides a sinister and lasting side-effect from the continued under-performance of venture capital.

What Can Private Equity Do Better?

Private Equity must adapt, to nature's laws of evolution.

What Is The Difference Between Private Equity, Angel Investors, And Venture Capitalists?

If everyone stuck to their knitting here is what the difference should be, not equal to what it is, nor how it performs.

Are Education, Food, Housing And Healthcare A Good Fit For Capitalistic Ideals?

It can, but not with our Neanderthal implementation of capitalism.

PhD bubble

Most schooling is overrated, with education happening in the real world.

Markets Are Man-Made Dogmas Of False Truism

Markets are manmade consequences of marketplaces at its cause.

Mike Pence’s Take On Evolution Is Disturbing

Forget politics. A defense of absolutism hinging on the perpetuity of a frozen past is not what makes this country, or the world, great again. No need to be a genius to comprehend why.

Why AI Is More Artificial Than Intelligence

Knowledge sold as intelligence is humanity's favorite trick to impress and enslave.

What Is The Future Of The Sharing Economy?

The so-called sharing-economy is an ingenious ploy to steal the arbitrage of the people's collective interests away from the public-sector. Right into the hands of the private-sector even less concerned with a relativity of freedom that encircles the world.

Welcome To Renewable Economics™

The constitution of The United States of America was not designed to serve as a framework for the diverse needs of freedom that inspires the world. So, we designed a new one.

The Relativity Of Economics

Now that I have repurposed the role of modern economics pursuant to the rules of nature’s household, the challenge in developing its "operating system" is in its relativity.

Born Today

Born today you would not invent the systems we did.

How Is Private Equity Different From Venture Capital?

Like regular cars and Formula-1 race-cars are.

Knowledge Is Hindsight, Imagination Is Foresight

Oh, how popular opinion relies on the stifling regurgitation of foregone knowledge.

Economics Redefined

The term economics has been used and abused in many shapes and derivatives, few one might argue to the improvement of its relevancy and success. I intend to change that.

The Risks LPs Ignore

Venture fails before it reaches the private placement memorandum of the VC funds. By virtue of embedded risk.

The U.S. Constitution Is A Rebel Without A Cause

A single statement by the late Supreme Court Judge, Antonin Scalia, sums up the problem with the U.S. Constitution.

George’s Reprieve

The experts a president relies on to make decisions, are often not.

Tech: Govern Thyself Or Be Governed

Technology companies must begin to build technology with an embedded plurality of freedom for the world, or strong sovereignties will ban them to stave off a monism of freedom ruled by Silicon Valley infatuation.

Private Equity Is Investing In Hindsight, Venture Capital Is Investing In Foresight

The risk profiles of private equity and venture capital are diametrically opposite.

The Systemic Risk Of Venture Capital

Venture capital is the gatekeeper to innovation. And with deplorable performance to boot, the false negatives it produces are at least twice the size of their failure.

The Ups And Downs Of American Exceptionalism

I subscribe to exceptionalism. The kind that serves as a glowing inspiration to the world and secures a more respectful and more reliable proxy for global freedom.

Sustainability Is Unsustainable

Nature's entropy invalidates sustainability. End of story.

Why The Best Cloud Is Still Your Own

A new set of business risks is faced by those wanting to deploy their mission critical systems in the cloud.

We Need A Social Contract

We need a social contract that helps us continually adjust to resources made available to us by nature.

Democracy Is The Circus

Democracy is the circus of the Roman Empire, appeasing human wants over human needs.

Alpha Is An Unstoppable Force Of Nature

We teach financiers how to tune their financial instruments to reap the rewards of the expansion of alpha as a predictable natural phenomenon.

Finance Must Abide By Nature

Finance must abide by nature and not be beholden to another set of myths from manmade make-believe to finally become a rebel with an evolutionary cause.

From Think-Tank To Sink-Tank

The wisdom offered by the refuge in consensus, pursued by your average think-tank, yields a humanitarian sink-tank, the future of an illusion instead.

Apple’s Finite Loop

As a very early fan who had the foresight to believe in Apple before the herd, I now predict, again before the herd, how Apple is turning finite.

The Auto Industry’s Plan To Fixing VC

The NVCA plan to fixing venture capital is a bad plan because it does nothing to fix the false negatives and false positives venture capital produces today. It also demonstrates how it continues to treat entrepreneurs with remarkable ignorance.

What Things Should A Person Know To Be A VC?

What VCs need more of is the imagination of foresight, not more regurgitation of hindsight.

One Day With iPhone 12 Pro

My day-1 review of Apple's latest iPhone 12 Pro.

When Is Free Market A Bad Thing?

That is like asking "when is freedom a bad thing?".

Why is capitalism too big a topic to talk about?

Too many heads will roll if challenged.

Agenda For Apple’s Next Board Meeting

With Steve Jobs gone, Apple's board better pay attention to the outlook of the company beyond the quarterly earnings reports.

Radically Reinventing Venture Capital

Let’s not forget: Venture Capital exists courtesy of great entrepreneurs building highly monetizable innovations.

Our Freedom Is A Lie, Of Oligarchic Proportion

An oligarchic doctrine producing at best a monism of freedom.

How To Spot Subprime VC

Subprime venture capital, as described in a previous blog is easily recognizable. Entrepreneurs, run for the hills when you detect some of the following:

The Nitwits On Sand Hill Road

Oracle's long-time CEO Larry Ellison rips the boys-club on Sand Hill Road. I am adding to the fodder.

What Would Unrestricted Capitalism Look Like?

We have a form of unrestricted capitalism today, as the rebel without evolutionary cause we must redirect and reinvent.

Technology Is Here To Serve The Needs Of The People, Not To Dictate It

Technology has great potential, but it turns to poison when it deploys totalitarian monisms to control the world.

A Marketplace Connects Unrestricted Supply With Unrestricted Demand Through A Transparent Exchange

A marketplace is the cause of a market as its consequence.

My Melinda Gates Impersonation

I impersonate Melinda Gates, only to demonstrate how I would build a brave new world with piles of philanthropy.

Why Amazon Is Not A Marketplace

Amazon.com violates the most rudimentary rules of marketplaces and is merely a superstore. The antithesis of a free-market.

The Problem With Venture: No True Alpha And No True North

No one should be surprised that venture capital is not performing. For the public is still yearning for technology to substantially improve their lives.

We Must Create Innovation With Lasting Beneficial impact To society

Or why else bother? Plato's caveman allegory offering another alternative.

Today’s Capitalism Is An Oligarchic Denial Of Freedom

Today's capitalism is an oligarchic system in violation of freedom.

Why VC Does Not Line Up With Innovation

Real innovation has no precedent and leaves many venture capitalists, with their platitudes and an army of analytics in the dark in coming up with plausible foresight to invest.

Deep Hindsight Does Not Extrapolate To Foresight To Break The Norm

Analysis leads to paralysis for that reason.

The Social Naiveté Of Mark Suster

Mark Suster's keynote at Venture Alpha East was revealing, but not in a good way. The video demonstrates how a bunch of technocrats should no longer blindly be given the keys to the kingdom of the evolution of mankind.

The Socio-Economic Value Of A Company Is Dependent On The Economics It Deploys

The innovation in economics, not the mere innovation in technology, determines the upside of a company.

Bose NC700: Good But Do Not Throw Out Those Bose QC35s Just Yet

The Bose NC700 headphones are great for calls, the music reproduction is good but does not top the QC35s. Bluetooth is shoddy. Noise-canceling is in a league of its own, inside or anywhere outside.

Facebook’s Future In Society, A Discussion With Mark Zuckerberg

The goal, Mark, of technology is to improve the excellence of human needs, not quite the same as regurgitating societal wants.

VC Is Dead, Long Live VC

Bill Gurley confounds consequence with cause in his assessment of the problems in venture capital. Let's set him straight.

Where Can I Find A Good Entrepreneur Mentor?

Where the outlier finds his precedent.

The Great Reset That Isn’t

The Great Reset is not great, as John Kerry hints. We can and must do better.

Not Everyone Can Be An Entrepreneur, But An Entrepreneur Can Come From Anywhere.

To find an outlier through a commoditized investment thesis is a moronic endeavor.

The Elasticity Of MLK’s Wisdom

We must stand on the shoulders of MLK's intelligence and courage to chart a path for humanity much brighter and lighter than our unchangeable past.

Top1000 Funds Fiduciary

Reformed fiduciary thinking must be morphed into informed fiduciary thinking in asset management.

Technology Has Provided A Higher Standard Of Living, But What Has Humanity Given Up?

Technology must emerge from its infantile state to provide value to humanity.

Price Loses Its Value When Money Loses Its Trust

Price is not an absolute but a relative denomination dependent on the inference of trust.

The Antithesis Of Capitalism Is Capitalism

Like the antithesis of a monism of freedom is a pluralism of freedom

Why VC Is Such A Bad Date

No date with a prospective life-partner would pass muster if it behaved like venture capitalists treat entrepreneurs.

Which Investors To Avoid

I recommend entrepreneurs not to squander their great ideas with the first investor to wave money in their face.

The Madness Of Singularity, A Brief Compendium To Douglas Murray’s Madness Of Crowds

The madness of singularity is no better than the madness of crowds. The madness of our remarkable ignorance to nature continues to damage our evolution.

In A Free Market Economy, Who Owns The Country’s Natural Resources?

The ownership of resources does not change based on the manmade systems we build, merely our access does.

Pension Funds Still Don’t Get It

The real source of financial instability in our country is a financial system eleven times the size of production. Stuffed with a tower of ten levels of embedded risk through which no critical path leads to consistent investment returns.

What Is Your Opinion About Jeremy Rifkin’s 3rd Industrial Revolution?

The old repackaged as new will not remove the causal incompatibility between the operating-system of nature and manmade systems on display here. The US must lead with a better plan.

The Trap Of “Capital Efficiency”

Capital Efficiency is a trap of loan-shark proportion. Expect it to be deployed feverishly by investors out to protect the downside of excessive portfolio diversification.

Innovating Back To The Future

Real innovation relies on a myriad of macro and micro-economic benefits to succeed. The key to a lasting technology business is not just the introduction of snazzy new technology, but more importantly, how well macro-economic improvements address the needs of everyday consumers.

Bose: A Great Company Experience

Bose, a private company, sets a great example of how customer support leads to trust and new product purchases.

Human Adaptability To Nature’s Entropy

Human adaptability to nature's entropy must become the main goal of all of humanity.

The Double Entendre of Silicon Valley Tourism

The real contributors to evolution are amongst the recalcitrant tourists, the false negatives, the dissidents, the antagonist outliers of the subpriming of innovation arbitrage.

The No News News Of Cable Television

The lazy no news news of cable television deserves a whooping, for their own sake.

Lying Leaders

We must stand up to leaders who fail to identify and communicate their theory determining the regenerative excellence of humanity.

Will Technology Companies Change The Face Of Healthcare?

Yes, but only to induce better health to reduce the need for care. Chronic health care is no kids play.

I Declare War On Sustainability

We cannot maintain our love-affair with a manmade idiocracy giving us temporary relief without renewable sustenance.

Don’t Listen To Customers

The key to understanding customers is to observe them, rather than to listen to them. Listening to customer would have prompted Ford to build faster horses, instead of car.

Has Venture Capital Changed?

Yes, venture capital has changed. Downstream, with the aid of government interference, perpetuating its sickening and convoluted economic consequences. But it does not need to be this way.

Breaking Down And Recalibrating Alpha

Asset management is dead, to all but those who recognize alpha is a force of nature.

Capitalism Without Merit Is a Bold Lie

Capitalism void of the compliance to operating principles to secure a meritocracy is a lie of enormous and damaging proportion, leading to an obtuse pillage and plunder of society. We must reinvent capitalism.

How Is Technology Not Useful?

How unbridled technology leads to a double entendre of human atrophy. As I explained first 9 years years ago.

Why Does Facebook Believe A Monoculture Fed By Advertising Is Good For The World?

The question I posed to Facebook in a live session. Still no reply.

How Can Facebook Be Regulated And Enforced?

A smart Facebook employs a different approach, one that avoids it being slapped with malformed regulation or outright rejection.

On What Factors Does An Economy Of A Country Depend?

The best way to answer this question is what an economy of a country should depend on, rather than does today.

The New Photo-Editing Era, A Me-Too Service

Today, plenty of opportunities remain in the prosumer editing space in which no vendor has amassed even close to 30% penetration.

Why Entrepreneurs Should Not Follow An Investor’s Compass

Raising money is just like dating, those who pretend to be someone they are not will find themselves inevitably failing, and unhappy with what they submitted to.

Who Cares About ESG?

Fools buy into ESG. Not a problem, until they rally a herd of even greater fools.

Did Oracle have an existing CRM product when Marc Benioff departed to start Salesforce?

Yes, Oracle did. All the more reasons to applaud Marc's success.

Why Venture Firms Below $250M Cannot Succeed

For institutional investors to invest in small venture funds with endless diversification is a really bad idea.

The (First Ever) State Of Venture Capital

The first ever State of Venture Capital. Innovation held hostage by systemically incompatible arbitrage.

What Is Real Freedom?

Real freedom is a relativity theory maximizing the benefits of our crucial differences.

Zuckerberg Meets Congress

Only after we define the core principles of human excellence can we judge if Mark built the right technology to embrace the world.

What Does The VC Industry Do Badly?

Their job.

The Empty Sack Of VC Arbitrage

Without improving human adaptability to nature's entropy, capital deployment is a net-negative to humanity.

Facebook Can Change, But Can Zuckerberg?

Changing Facebook is easy, changing Mark is not.

One Must Fiercely Question The Role And Value Of Financial Arbitrage Related To Our Evolution

Finance is supposed to contribute to the strengthening of our evolution. Does it actually?

A New Value-System For Humanity

As our intelligence leads to a voluminous weakening of our species we must seriously question how we build a better value-system for humanity.

The Most Inconvenient Truth Is Not Al Gore’s

Sorry Al Gore, the care for nature is not humanity's most pressing concern. Here is what is.

What Are Some Limitations Of Using GDP As A Measure?

A huge one that obliterates all subsequent suppositions in economics.

How I Know You Are Not An Entrepreneur

The pageantry of positivity is rampant in the technology startup space, and I am not falling for its many wannabes.

The U.S. Is Too Free For Its Own Good

Do not abuse nature's patience with grandiose compassion that holds no evolutionary water.

Are VCs Still Relevant?

VCs are still relevant, as in a ball-and-chain tied to an outliers' leg.

Beware Of The Platform That Is Not

Skip a platform of innovation that forces you to spend more of your time to do what you must. Innovation should relieve, not pressure us. Know the difference.

Re-Risk Asset Management

Money managers must improve the investment thesis that determines what returns can be discovered.

What Is The Economic System In The United States?

Economics lacks any relevance to the evolution of humanity. Pay it as much attention as astrology, if you must. While I focus on birthing the astronomy version of economics.

Image Catalogs In Peril

The imaging markets consists of demi-cartels that produce "premium" supply that does not meet the requirements of an ever-growing and changing market of buyers. No longer is the size of the buyer's market dictated by agencies, nor is the new seller's market defined by the old definition of pro-photographers. Opportunity!

What Do You Think Of Bill Gates’ Work?

It is weird to have to tell Bill Gates how to innovate, but that is precisely what I am doing. Not for the sake of my supremacy though.

What Is Wrong With Venture (Hint: Not Innovation)

In the marriage between the assets of the limited partners (money) and the assets of entrepreneurs (ideas), venture capital as the matchmaker has failed to perform at scale.

The Fiduciary Responsibility Of Limited Partners

"Only in the fullness of time will we know whether we chose wisely…" is the wisdom by which limited partners are satisfied investing in venture. Smh.

UBS Economics

The world will be a better place when not misguided by the fuzzy-logic of economics violating nature's first-principles.

How LPs Invested Deep, Not Wide In Technology

Unbeknownst to them, limited partners have allowed venture capitalists to diversify and collude excessively. Turning a projected pursuit of prime innovation into a stew of uniformity.

10 Investment Lessons Learned Over 10 Years

I have learned some lesson that may help you become a better investor.

Are We Equal?

No, equality is a fantasy of unnatural proportion.

The Illusion Of American Freedom

Our freedom is a grand illusion of make-believe, yearning no longer to be abused.

The Rabbit Hole Of Economics

Let our longevity as a species demand we take a fresh look at the guiding principles of the operating-systems of humanity.

Einstein Rips VC, Posthumously

Albert Einstein rips venture capital. Posthumously.

Say No To Consumer Protection

Protecting only one participant of the credit marketplace does not secure a bright future for the marketplace. It will only invite more opaque subversion.

Why VCs Really Need Relevant Operating Experience, Now

A real entrepreneur does not need a VC for operating experience. Unless that entrepreneur got roped into venture capital's infamous "capital-efficiency" program, designed to protect investor downside at all times.

A New Policy Of Policy To Change Policy

We must implement a new policy of policy to prop up and renew our aging and feeble Constitution.

The ESG Placebo

ESG in its current form is an evolutionary placebo, with incurable outcomes derived from non-treatment.

Why Do You Keep Listening To VC As The Barometer Of Innovation?

Entrepreneurs. Stop listening to a compass of investors who cannot select innovation that produces socioeconomic value for the life of them.

How To Reduce Bureaucracy

Bureaucracy comes from a stronghold in violation of freedom. To reduce it we simply need to unleash freedom.

How To Fix Twitter

For Twitter to survive it must adhere to the preeminent rule of evolution, implemented by the economic principles of a meritocracy.

Setting Menlo Ventures Straight On Siri

I know too much. That is my "problem", derived from a closer proximity to an inconvenient truth. The truth Lala-land prefers to avoid.

American Poverty, Allendale Style

At least half of Americans are poor, enslaved, or walking-dead relative to the expenses they face to survive, leading to severe mental poverty poised to directly or indirectly affect us all.

Why VCs Need Relevant Operating Experience

Board members tend to meddle in operational issues of a startup. To do so with merit requires an investor with prior outlier experience himself.

While Steve Jobs Is Away; 10 Priorities

Apple needs to keep revving its innovation. The question is if it can do so while the cat's away.

The Silicon Valley Emperor Wears No Clothes

Silicon Valley's Venture Investors continue their procession for the sake of generous management fees.

Bernie, The Son Of Noam

Bernie Sanders needs to transition from an activist to a strategist, by distancing from Noam Chomsky.

Cyclical Innovation

All of us in Silicon Valley could use more macro-economic insight to make innovation work. Lets not just drive for short-term exit appeal or stuff our own pockets, but create innovation that has a lasting impact on society.

Apple’s iTunes Stance Is A Violation Of Free-Market Principles

Technology should not under the cover of blind enthusiasm act as a modern day villain and destroy our individual and collective rights to freedom.

Bitcoin Is Like Postage-Stamp-Collecting On Steroids

A cryptocurrency, like stamp-collecting, is an evolutionary net-negative.

Debt Financing In Startups

Gene Lee, Managing Director of Cove Point Holdings, a Family Office describes my views on debt financing in startups exactly in an interesting article.

The Failure Rate In A Startup Seems Extremely High. What Can VC Do Differently To Reduce Their Failure Rate?

The thesis determines what venture capital can discover. Changing the thesis will change the outcome.

Only Realism Can Breed Justifiable Optimism

Make-believe is not a great foundation for optimism.

Should The World Rethink Its Government?

Yes, around new first-principles.

Money Does Not Equal Risk

Money does not equal merit, and as an entrepreneur you should ask your investor some very tough questions. Like: what made you a superstar?

What Is It Like To Be Free?

Freedom is a relativity theory. A journey, not a destination.

Dumb Capital, Please Exit Here

Chameleon Paul Kedrosky speaks from whatever corner of his mouth to now whitewash his association and affiliation to flawed principles.

Privacy, Technology’s Favorite Pet Peeve

Technologists claim to be the moral curators of privacy the world should listen and obey to. Outright funny if you know anything about technology.

New York, An Empire State Of Mind

New York, your lights always inspire me. A gathering with some of the country's top financiers.

4 Kinds Of Members Of The Press, Avoid 3

There are 4 types of members of The Press, 3 of which we can do without and are rightfully challenged.

Why ESG Is Unsustainable

ESG is unsustainable because its theory, principles, and processes are in vehement denial of, and in conflict with nature’s rule.

How Do I Innovate?

Using a never-ending cycle of opportunity.

Triple Threat Founders

Subprime venture capital causes a fallout of tremendous proportion. But the Triple Threat Founder leads the way in misappropriation of venture capital and risk.

Startup America attempts

Government should enable free-market models, not sponsor the oligarchy of investment cartels.

Technology Is The Unprotected Back-Door To Nation-State Sovereignty

The economics of today's popular technologies are incredibly infantile, abusive, and erosive to the evolution of mankind. As all totalitarian monisms are for the world.

Does Free Market Capitalism Exist?

To suggest free market capitalism exists today is, in the words of George Orwell, to refer to slavery as your freedom.

Schedule Time With Georges

Georges van Hoegaerden, Managing Director, is now making time available to directly connect with people with a vested interest in improving the theory of what humanity can discover. We can do better, much better.

We Must Become A Prime Species

Humanity must begin to adhere to nature's first-principles to become a prime species.

From Despite To Because, With The Power Of Dissidence

Entrepreneurs succeed despite, not because of the merit of the past. With a newborn power of dissidence.

How Can I Come Up With Brilliant But Simple Ideas Of Innovation And Invention?

The key is to understand how the evolution of evolution works. In summary...

Redefining Capital Efficiency

Capital efficiency is nothing more than downside protection deployed by subprime venture capital. Past failure reduced to fear. It flags the innovation they select as an impending commodity.

Is Our Current Economic Model, Based On Infinite Growth And Debt, Inherently Flawed And Will It Eventually Collapse?

Yes. Suspend the pageantry of positivity for a moment to realize the way we manage ourselves will make the most intelligent animal on earth live the shortest.

What Are Some Pros And Cons Of Trickle-Down Economics?

Trickle down economics is the emancipation of an unsustainable vile-maxim.

Why VC Can’t Fix Itself

Neanderthal economics of venture capital is the reason why its performance is not in correlation with the foresight of innovation.

The Venture Confession

Jim Breyer, partner at Accel Partners attacks Vinod Khosla. Not so fast buddy.

How To Flip-Flop A Puffer Fish

Getty Images is on the chopping block again, how many times can you resell "garbage" you do not own?

Cable TV On iPad

Every iPad is now a TV.

Ask Yourself This Crucial Question About ESG

It is high-time we put a stop to evolutionary and unscientific nonsense in finance that kills not strengthens humanity.

Idiotic Government

We need smarter governance if we want our country to prosper again.

Do You Think There Is A Single Ideal Economic System In The World? Why Or Why Not?

Yes, but it cannot come from our current stale monism of absolutism.

As A Limited Partner I Feel Uninformed

The lack of control limited partners have over the capital they put to work is palpable and disconcerting. But more control is not what saves the bacon, only a better rendition of cause will.

What Could Possibly Go Wrong When Nothing In The Universe But Finance Revolves Around Sustainability?

A lot has and will continue to go wrong when we do not challenge a finance theory as thoroughly as a theory of science.

How Subprime Venture Capital Fools Limited Partners

Yes, limited partners have been duped. Just like anyone with money will get duped when not paying attention to how that money is put to work exactly.

Wealth Is A False Denomination Of Evolutionary Value

Wealth is a nonrenewable resource without an attachment to renewable production.

How Is Investing In Early Tech Companies “More Art Than Science”?

Investing in technology is neither art nor science, it requires an understanding of evolution.

From 10 Years Ago, I Repeat: Amazon Is Not A Marketplace

Amazon's superstore feigns a marketplace, and they have been found out.

Elizabeth Warren’s Proposed Breakup Of Tech Is Dumb

Elizabeth Warren's job is to induce change by improving the excellence of governance, not by tinkering with undesirable outcomes from a lack of modernity in governance.

The Validity Of The Mope

Thumper's mom in the Disney cartoon Bambi was seriously wrong. We all said nothing because we had nothing nice to say. Look what economic mess that got us in. It is time for some honesty to break up our economic religions.

Not So Developed Countries

A developed country violating nature's first-principles is by nature's measure an underdeveloped country.

Seismic Changes In Digital Entertainment

The old rules of how to create or tap into large media markets have changed.

Venture Capital Should Ignite The Upside Of Innovation

Superman is not what describes the current arbitrage of innovation.

Tesla Wanting To Go Private Is A Sign Of The Lack Of Innovation In The Exchange

Financial exchanges are outdated financial constructs, no longer serving the nature of investors and companies they were assigned to serve. And they are far from free-markets.

Locked SIMs Violate Antitrust Way Before

GSM, invented in Europe, was supposed to deploy free-market access to unlimited roaming. Until we allowed AT&T to lock it down. Where was the FCC when we needed them?

Pump-And-Dump IPOs

We play Russian roulette with the trust of the public.

Investing In Venture Unchanged, Is The Definition Of Insanity

Groundbreaking entrepreneurs are the life-blood of this country and we better start treating them with the care and attention they deserve. We need to lift the weight of their dysfunctional arbitrage off their shoulders if we want to remain on the leading edge of innovation.

Equality Is A Fantasy Of Inequitable Proportion

Equality is the manmade ignorance of our small yet evolutionary crucial differences.

Internet Reform Must Be Driven By Economic Reform

Neelie Kroes of the European Commision demonstrates she too confounds freedom with a free-for-all.

Should Wives Submit To Their Husbands?

Slightly off-topic. But yes, in this wonderful example of reverse psychology.

Is Democracy Overrated?

Yes, the value of our democracy is highly overrated, if not a grandiose evolutionary fallacy. Here is how it must change.

No Long Tail Without A Torso

Investors are getting flooded with long tail startups. But no long tail can exist without a torso.

Idiot Limited Partners

Idiot limited partners are investors in venture capital who uninformed and unchanged expect a different result from doing the same thing.

Getting To Know Your VC (Better)

You should get to know your venture capital investor to understand what floats his boat. That includes looking into the investments he's made in the past and what that says about his role in realizing an outlier vision.

Is The Current Western Economic World Laissez-Faire?

Implementing laissez-faire without its pre-established rulebook is bound to turn into an unsustainable vile-maxim.

My Thoughts On Socialism

Socialism is a symptom not a system, a consequence not a cause.

We Can Change

Change is easy, impactful, and immediate when attached to a higher normalization of nature's truth.

Less Is More; Moving Regulations From Government To The Marketplace

Regulation is a function of the makeup of participants in the marketplace, the participants who pass muster to participate in the marketplace.

Getting Venture Un-stuck From Its Subprime Maelstrom

It is time we treat innovation exploration like a real marketplace and apply an equally rigorous evaluation of merit to innovation's arbitrage.

Isn’t It Just Great The Top Tech Giants Are So Heavily Invested In AI That They Just Won’t Know Where To Hide As Neurotech...

The blind faith in artificial intelligence is a double whammy of human depravity, but careful with neurotech and biotech as well.

Trust As A Currency Is Best Not Evenly Distributed

Trust is a discriminatory denomination of merit, not to be artificially flattened into pay-to-play commodity.

Can We Really Blame The Economy?

I am sick and tired of endless excuses. It is those excuses that throw the baby out with the bath water and makes us lose our competitive edge.

The Puffer Fish Of The Imaging Market

Organic growth of image super-stores is well below the growth of the image exchange market and their combined market share is less than 10% of the image exchange addressable market. So, while the $1.5B asking price for Getty-Images doesn't sound outrageous (less than 2x revenues), what you're buying is an outsourced photography agency. Getty-Images is in essence a people factory with ever eroding profit margins.

An Outlier Knows No Precedent

So stop relying on a precedent. Evaluate based on uncorrelated and independent merit.

Top-Quartile Is A Meritless And Meaningless Indicator Of Financial Performance

The best of the worst is hardly a badge of honor.

The Pros And Cons Of Economic Growth

Growth must be measured in the context of evolution.

The Economy Is Not The Problem (Of Venture Capital)

The systemic deflation of innovation's risk is responsible for the systemic deflation of venture capital returns.

How Do You Determine A Company’s Optimal Capital Structure?

Develop an operating plan to learn how to speak the language of investors.

Loving Apple TV Even More

I love Apple TV. But what I admire most about Apple is its ability to not just create new products but adjust its business and operating model so those products can succeed.

Jennifer Lawrence And The Political System, Represent US

Fixing a political system is important, but not when the fix leads to the same slaughterhouse of evolutionary fallacies. 

An Expert Who Revels In Consequence Is Merely A Rebel Without A Cause.

An expert of consequence is no expert of cause.

You Get What You Put In: No Risk = No Returns

The avoidance of risk yielding the avoidance of returns.

What Is Something Good And Bad About Socialism?

Socialism is a symptom, not a system, omnipresent in all the concoctions humanity has built.

The IPO Bubble

Much of the current IPO storm and its artificial inflation is because the public has no way to reliably assess socioeconomic value.

We Don’t Have A Bubble, We Live In One

A denial of freedom to each his own creates bubbles, bubbles we subjugate to for as long as we have the need to feel accepted.

What Skills Does One Need To Become A Good VC?

Foresight of upside is what matters.

In What Ways Is The Current Crypto Asset Mania Dissimilar To The First Tech Bubble?

They are different in how make-believe is achieved.

Who Are The Most Successful VCs And VCs Companies In London?

Outlier success is based on the fortuitous marriage between entrepreneur and investor, not on some artificial measure of populism.

A Grand New Opportunity In Venture

The current VC model can never attract disruptive ideas. But leave it up to real entrepreneurs to ditch them and reinvent their arbitrage.

The Jobs Snobs

The role of government is not to create jobs, but to facilitate a fair exchange of collective merit.

Apple Found Guilty, Now Grow Up Apple

Apple has just today been found guilty of e-book price-fixing, and I urge Tim Cook to deploy a new vector of innovation Steve Jobs (admittedly) could have never envisioned.

Are There Any Case Study Results Showing Supply Side Economics As More Effective At Driving Economic Growth Than Alternatives?

Empirical evidence can make a case for a pick-your-poison preference, it does not change the outcome of a degenerative economic science.

Fix Humanity Top To Bottom

Let's lead the world by example with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

Second Wave Idiots Revisited

When will we use human intelligence to our collective advantage?

Startup America Is A Bad Idea

Startup America deploys more good money after bad. Your money.

The Future Of Photo Editing

Photo editing tools should embed the implicit complexity of light. Tools that hide such complexity will benefit from major consumer adoption.

How Can You Change The World?

You can't. You can only change humanity. Instantly, by simply changing the incentive.

How Can We Capture More Business From The Competitors?

This question reeks of an end-of-life product cycle.

Pay Equality Stultifies A Meritocracy

Equal pay assumes the merit of people is the same. A dumb presumption.

Not So Bad Economy?

Kara Swisher attempts to achieve economic causation from correlation. How cute.

Silicon Valley Believes All Swans Are White

Scientists, economists, historians, policymakers, businessmen, and financiers are victims of an illusion of pattern, says Nassim Nicholas Taleb. Something I refer to as the illusion of hindsight, incapable of ever projecting yet undiscovered foresight.

Venturing In Silicon Valley Versus China

I predict the role of venture in China to be minimal in impact because of the unique freedoms such innovations require. Minimal on a Chinese scale of trying, that is.

Are There Any Venture Capitalists Or Types Of Investors Who Throw Some Money At Ideas, To Get The Ball Rolling?

There are plenty of investors who do not wonder why humanity cannot outlive a fly.

Does Venture Scale?

Marketplace models in violation of free-market principles never scale.

A New, Modern Financial System To Fix Venture Is Coming

Venture capital, the way it works today, can never function at scale. Simply because the market model is incompatible with the discovery of the outliers innovation.

The Remarkable Resemblance Between Innovation And Photography

Photography is a fantastic craft to which now, with the introduction of digital photography, many more people have access. Still, great photography relies on an ecosystem of adjustments to turn a simple scene into a compelling vision. Just like in business.

A Real Optimist Combats The Mind-Numbing Pageantry Of False Positivity

From Apple's finite Loop, published February 14, 2013.

Will Bitcoin Ever Go Mainstream?

It better not. For the collusion on a single currency is erosive to the diversity, plurality and sovereignty of mankind. And then some.

Do Angels Consider A Lower Downside Risk A Positive When Investing, Or Do They Have An All Or Nothing Mindset?

The foresight of unprecedented upside can seldom be achieved from the hindsight of downside.

Cheating Platforms, Bad For Our Country

When Facebook decided to integrate new application capabilities first available to a third-party application, they broke the cardinal rule of marketplace meritocracy. Expect more cheating to follow.

Why Dorsey Is Right and Twitter Is Wrong

I agree with Jack Dorsey, not with Twitter. Twitter's mistake is its ignorance to real-world economics.

Caution In The Cloud

Capital efficiency is not synonymous with reliability and robustness, let alone support. So I suggest you be careful entrusting your mission critical technology to the cloud.

Health Care Is No Longer About Health Or Care

A financial scheme of health weighted down by a cost-center of care will yield neither.

ILPA etiquette

Who pays real attention to etiquette these days?

I Have A Dream…

It's time to judge a technology not by the country it comes from but the content of its innovation. The american dream is waiting for you.

Is Cryptocurrency An Economic Bubble Like The Dot-Com Boom?

A cryptocurrency is like a religion, not becoming more true just because you can find more believers.

As Venture Capital Turned Subprime, So Did Innovation

The curse of subprime venture capital stained the integrity of innovation.

VC Or Customer, Which Way Should You Go?

Neither, rely on your own compass of foresight.

What Were The Causes For The Global Financial Crisis?

The improper normalization of evolutionary relevance is the cause of finance causing an anthropogenic cascade.

A Business That Does Not Strengthen Humanity Only Weakens It

We must build and grade businesses based on socioeconomic merit.

What Is An Ideal Society Like?

A society with the recursive relativity of freedom, perpetuated by a new and dynamic operating-system for humanity.

Is It Possible That Current Economic Theory Has Been Based More On Pseudo-Science And Math?

Even the largest global economics organization knows the practice of economics is on its last legs.

Is Entrepreneurship For Everybody?

Calling yourself an entrepreneur does not make you one.

Idiot Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are idiots when they blindly follow the compass of investors who fail to demonstrate to be outliers in their own right.

Believe Nothing You Read And Believe Everything You Experience

Start writing your own book of life, instead of living someone else's.

What Is Noam Chomsky’s Definition Of Capitalism?

The interesting part of this question is its mere existence.

Leave Ballmer; How Low Can You Go

Leave alright Steve.

My Message To LPs In Venture; More Discipline, Please

Limited partners need to pay close attention not to dilute venture into private equity. Especially because technology and its impact on the world are at the beginning of their evolution.

How Should Someone Approach VCs For The First Time Without Knowing Anyone Or Having Connections?

First, learn how to separate the wheat from the chaff. Then, demonstrate how you contribute to their objective of producing venture style returns.

Interview On Innovation And Venture Capital

Georges discusses The State of Venture Capital.

How Does Communism Discourage Innovation?

Innovation is dissidence, and communism does not allow for much.    

Bullish On The U.S.

BlackRock, a $3 Trillion investment firm and a LP in venture is bullish on the U.S. And I agree, but for different reasons.

Technology Is Not The Risk Of A Technology Company

Exactly how and why many venture capitalists misjudge the opportunity for innovation, false positives and false negatives abound.

How VCs Kill Innovation

The destruction of innovation is the outcome of the economic model under which venture operates today. Let me elaborate.

What Is The Right Balance Between Socialism And Capitalism?

The quality of a system of capitalism, socialism or otherwise is defined by how well it supports the pursuit of freedom so crucial to the evolution of mankind.

Not Every Developer Is An Entrepreneur

We learned the hard way.

U.S. Constitutional Truths Are No Longer Self-Evident

In the words of our Constitution, let me submit some new facts to a candid world.

Isn’t The U.S. Better Off Than Years Ago?

No. A cacophony of superlative vile-maxims is not what spawns the excellence of humanity.

The Antidote To ESG’s Environmental Snake-Oil Is Here

We developed the antidote to the evolutionary snake-oil of sustainability, so we can begin to expand humanity towards a more optimal equilibrium with nature and make money from deploying evolutionary excellence.

Is There Evidence Markets Exist?

No, markets do not exist. And with that, I pulled the pacifier out of the mouths of economists, investors, marketers, and entrepreneurs. And many of them will start crying.

Opioid Addiction, The New Cry-Baby Of A Nanny State

With Trump's recent announcement on opioid addiction the nanny state is in full swing to save everyone from themselves.

Is Capitalism The Most Successful Economic System Ever Created?

No, unless success is defined by a Bronze Age vile maxim.

What Is The Best Global Economic System?

One that has not been put in place yet.

The Need For Greed

Greed is good when it is pointed - for the first time - at our evolutionary goal.

The Curse Of Subprime VC

It continues to amaze me how people buy venture capital's argument of an economic downturn as the cause or reason for sluggish venture investing. Startup performance is at worst counter cyclical to macro-economic performance and should be flying high right now. I smell subprime excuses.

The Odd Face Of Facebook

When Facebook starts showing anything but faces, one must worry about its execution.

Why The Stock Markets Are Really Shrinking

In the words of Einstein, the theory [of a market system] determines what can be discovered. And so when a market system does not produce the desired outcome you change the system.

Why Freedom?

When a government candidate asks you why freedom is important, you best not blink and instead reproduce the full meaning of the answer I provide here.

The Fix To Improving Asset Management Returns Lies In The Reinvention Of The Fundamentals Of Risk

The problem with asset management is its deeply embedded risk, the solution is its removal.

Quality Is Important

Many times products are hyped with incredible promise but the product either doesn't work as advertised, requires other services to be activated, or is simply not ready.

How Can The Government Improve The Health Of The People?

By instituting a meritocracy of health and returning the responsibility for health back to the people.

Is Economic Growth Necessary?

Economic growth is only valuable when it is renewable and contributes to the strengthening of the evolution of mankind.

Obama’s Pipe Dream

I am very worried who Barack surrounds himself with to fix our economic situation. Sure he can find doctors to heal the surface wounds, but the disease underneath keeps raging.

What Are Signs That An Asset Class Is In A Bubble?

The excessive spread between valuation and value causes reality to come knocking.

Yeah, Let Us Get Our Morality From Tim Cook

Knowing how Tim’s morality by proxy is less than stellar, I am puzzled by how many seemingly bright people propose the dim-bulb idea of wanting to elect him President.

Kid Rocks Agrees With My Stance On iTunes

Apparently, Kid Rock agrees with my stance on iTunes.

The Only War Worth Fighting

The only war we need to fight - right now - is aimed to strengthen the renewal of all of mankind.

Listen Facebook

It is time for Facebook to listen, not to speak. As I told them and blogged about 10-years back: govern thyself or be governed. A stern repeat message to all technology companies.

En Garde For Christine Lagarde’s Review Of The US Economy

Christine Lagarde of the IMF mimics my blogs almost verbatim about the part of the US Economy few want to talk about.

Is GDP A Good Measure Of Economic Growth? Why Or Why Not?

No. Absolutely meaningless.

Has Globalization Acted To Equalize Nations’ Portions Of The Global GDP, Yet Created Greater Inequality And A Net Loss?

A flat-world operating-system for humanity is simply incapable of empowering human relativity. We can change that.

The Fanatical Desire For Diversity Is Proof Of A Meritocracy We Don’t Have

A meritocracy precedes and obliterates the need for artificial diversity.

CalPERS Private-Equity Make-Over

Pension funds must tap into a new well of investment allocation wisdom.

Nature Is Unforgiving Of Manmade Foolery

In the words of Patagonia, we are screwed. Especially when we keep wrapping ourselves in accords violating nature's first-principles.

What Is The Future Of The Global Financial System?

Unchanged, a dire one. For its evolutionary fallacies narrow the purview and weaken the strengthening of humanity.

Is the “free market” real?

Not by our current implementation.

The Crucial Difference Between Derivative And Value

We have built a whole economy on derivatives and as a result will remain fragile until we reinvent its normalization.

The Merit Of A Meritocracy

Who is the anointed genius determining the merit in a meritocracy, is the question I get asked a lot. Here is my answer.

Let’s Stop Fooling Ourselves

Human fundamentals are outdated and flawed. Thankfully, we can "easily" redirect ourselves.

What Countries And Cities Will Become The Next Hubs Of Innovations?

The new innovation hub of the future will be in the country or city that understands the meaning of innovation, and is not afraid to pursue it.

Where Is Technology Taking The Economy?

Technology can be a great tool for humanity, if only we subjugate its agenda to our evolutionary needs. Not quite how we develop technology today.

What Does Freedom Mean?

Our systems are in need of drastic modernization, relativity, and evolutionary relevance.

Free-Markets Are As Free As Their Rules Allow

Freedom must be freed in order for "free-markets" to earn their keep. 

What Is The Importance Of Financial Markets In An Economy?

Too much. For the unchecked arbitrage of finance makes for an unstable economic footing.

Craig Venter Agrees With Our Stance On Venture

When real entrepreneurs are held hostage by finance we have a problem in need of fixing.

What Do Non-Economists Know About Economics?

That economics is a voodoo science.

Benevolent Dictators

We need more benevolent dictators in the startup world.

What Is The Market?

A great foundational question. Let me pull “The Market” pacifier out of anyone’s mouth, in a slightly different way than I did in 2008.

Why Comcast Still Does Not Deserve My Triple Play

Before you sell me triple-play, maybe spend some time on delivering excellence in single play?