How To Govern Technology

Here are four first-order principles technology purveyors must adhere to in order to be entrusted with a license to operate.

Cause Over Consequence

Causation cannot be derived directly from inference, known as pseudo-science, but from using inference to develop a causal theory that accurately predicts consequences.

Don’t Regulate AI; Govern It

We must change how we govern, which, to everyone's delight, will reduce the need to regulate.

FTC And 17 States Sue Amazon

Amazon should have deployed the marketplace rules I recommended in 2008. Oh well, you snooze, we all lose.

Why I Am Not Nice

Amidst the pursuit of truth, the lame-duck custodians of unchange can call me anything they want.

Think Again

We Have Nothing In Common

Emancipate From Mental Slavery

Truth Is

Three Minds

You Ain’t No Queen

United Nations Broken SDGs

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) are a hopeless disaster.

Human Change, Not Climate Change

The solipsism of humanity is the reason why our compass and course of longevity is off-track. We, dim bulbs, not nature, must change.

Both Sides Of The ESG Debate Are Wrong

BlackRock's stance on ESG is smart because both sides of the debate on creating long-term investment returns are wrong.

For The Love Of Nature, Don’t Depend on Science

Depend on its outliers instead.

Free Freedom

Freedom itself must be freed from its current narrow definition and outright misplaced control, if we want the bravery of its pursuit to be responsible for the invention of a much brighter future.

The Evolution Of Evolution

To understand evolution is to understand the need for a new rulebook of humanity to optimize our ever-changing equilibrium with nature and to prolong our existence on earth.

Will Bitcoin Ever Go Mainstream?

It better not. For the collusion on a single currency is erosive to the diversity, plurality and sovereignty of mankind. And then some.

What Is The Definition Of A Sustainable Resource?

Let's put the relativity of sustainability in perspective.

How Can Laissez-Faire Decrease Hyperinflation?

The construct of laissez-faire does away with the protection of collective freedom, hence freedom becomes oligarchically and narrowly controlled. Quite the opposite of freedom, thus restricting inflation.

Poor Powell

Not the Fed, but Congress is responsible for the theory of economic gameplay and monetary policy we deploy.

Inflation Is Not A Dial You Adjust

Inflation is a consequence of an ill-formed compass of human efficacy. Without causal change, expect more convulsions of inflation to prove the current systems of humanity wrong.

The U.S. Is Like A Broken Company -Easy To Repair

Infinite growth, pursued by the Fed and Senate, is incompatible with nature, turning years of conflict ignored into conflict multiplied.
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