A First

The theory determines what can be discovered, according to Albert Einstein.

Method EVA is humanity’s first attempt to establish the objective, method, first-principles, theory, systems and procedures prolonging the excellence and longevity of the human species.

Proven over 4.5 billion years, method EVA is derived from nature. Quod Erat Demonstrandum.


The method driving the operating-system of humanity must be aligned with nature’s principles to consistently improve human renewal.

Method EVA comes to life by adhering to a new normalization of truth. Nature’s truth. 

Nature’s Guide

Our continually evolving understanding of nature invalidates the existence of sustainability of any kind. We must attach to the proven principles of renewal, adding another dimension to the exploration of human ingenuity and capacity.

No scorched earth approach is required to transition from the old to the new. 

EVA supersedes ESG
From unsustainable to renewable

Not An Option

We have spent over 20,000 hours investigating the practices of policy, capital, and innovation that determine the evolution of humanity.

Right here, in the United States, we must deploy new rigors of excellence, derived from a higher normalization of nature’s truth, we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

Think Different

We cannot solve today’s problems with the same thinking that got us here. As we claim innovation is in our DNA, we are long-overdue on reinventing ourselves, upstream.

With method EVA, Evolution Via Adaptation, we can.

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