Twitter Is Dead To Me

We may have hit the scrutiny of Elon Musk by how he does not understand money, living on Mars is stupid, the integral conflict of xAI, Twitter’s transparency copout, and the musth of Elon. Or we may just have hit the pay-to-play wall of the free version of Twitter we signed up for way before he took over.

Who knows what the new overlord of our freedom is doing using technological advancement as the pacifier to put governments to sleep?

Twitter no longer lets me log in, as the dubious error message without further explanation indicates. Twitter, for me, is like anal sex. No thanks, that channel is for output only.

Despite having some 10,000 followers, we never saw any real uptick in readership or intelligent interactions from the barking dog syndrome that is the Wild West of freedom of speech. Outlier propositions that have no precedent do not appeal to the masses.

Again, technology must prove the theory determines what needs to be discovered, in the words of Albert Einstein. Twitter’s make-believe to enhance humanity by connecting the opinions of vast amounts of people who “freely” spew what to think, cannibalizing how to think, is not the kind of proof scientists can get away with to influence the world.

We must curtail the technology fantasies that cater to the expanse of greater-fools.

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