Proximal Comprehension

Communication is a crucial skill requiring an attentive audience. But that is no guarantee the audience comprehends what is being conveyed. Communication requires hearing, not comprehension.

Comprehension requires the expanse of proximal development to learn something beyond what you previously thought to be true. Proximal development relies on thinking logically about how cause, from the highest possible normalization of truth, leads to consequence and by nature’s entropy, not vice versa. I explain the process in depth in Learn to Think.

Things go wrong when the depravity of reason surfaces from an attempted reversal from consequence to cause incompatible with entropy. For example, if a soccer game yields a score, the score itself does not indicate gameplay.

Gameplay is the cause that leads to a score as a consequence, in that order only. An attempt to suggest a score indicates gameplay would posit another game ending in the same score came from identical gameplay. It did not.

The whole practice of economics used by world leaders to gauge country performance confounds cause and consequence. GDP is a consequence, not the cause of performance. Valuing the performance of a country based on GDP is as flawed as deriving the gameplay of soccer from the score. Yes, economics is a grandiose depravity of reason.

Relationships grow sour fast when one person conveniently forgets the impact of their actions and confounds their partner’s reaction as causal. The depravity of reason stemming from the improper assessment of cause, the denial of originating responsibility, becomes unbearable and unresolvable. I have been there.

Miscomprehension, based on ill-formed or foregone normalizations of truth followed by the confounding of cause and consequence and the asymmetry of comprehension, is omnipresent in a society that ignores how not the perception of human truth but nature’s truth reigns supreme.

Everyone should learn to think to the best of their ability, as the cause, for communication, as a consequence to deliver the goods.

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