Artificial Intelligence Is To Technology What The Atomic Bomb Is To E=mc2

When Albert Einstein (1879-1955) developed his theory of special relativity one hundred years ago, he used the equation of E=mc2 to explain how the energy in an object is equal to its mass times the speed of light squared. In physical theories before that, mass and energy were viewed as distinct entities.

Relativity to Truth

An important observation about Einstein’s discovery is that mass and energy, the way we perceive it on the pale blue dot we call Earth, are correlated to the normalization of universal truth, the speed of light.

That relativity is more critical than apparent to many, as all theories of technology have yet to prove any proxy to nature’s universal truth. As a technologist, I know and often write how most technology projected as human advancement expands humanity’s vector in a direction divergent from nature’s vector.

Technology innovation is innovation not when it aligns with human “truth” but when it attaches to our best normalization of nature’s truth that improves human adaptability to another universal truth, nature’s entropy.

Sans Evidence

Technology is not the only fantasy we sell ourselves. We sell bulk-loads of make-believe to greater fools detached from relativity to nature’s truth.

For example, to prop up the reputation of excessive greed in finance, over decennia having pushed human wants over human needs with investments that do not improve human adaptability to nature’s entropy, finance now aims to reinvent itself with do-goodery financial programs, like ESG, PRI, and the like, fundamentally incompatible with nature.

Humanity, as pattern-seeking animals making patterns up where none are immediately available, sold itself the idiocracy of over four hundred religions over the last two thousand years to appease the hopeless. Extraordinary claims are made by the herders of make-believe, offering no extraordinary evidence to support the many pyramid schemes of dogma sold to people unable to think for themselves.

The residue of make-believe easily sticks to the walls of a “developed” country with 30% functionally illiterate people.

This is the crazy world we live in: all the advances and understanding are used only to continue the nonsense which has existed for 2,000 years. 

— RICHARD FEYNMAN (1918-1988)

As you can read in the 1,664 articles I wrote, there is plenty of idiocracy in any of the practices of policy, capital, and innovation humanity sells not just to the illiterate among us.

Mindless Humans

Many of us have never learned to think. And thus, artificial intelligence will woo them like ice cream sells to kids. Most people cannot differentiate between cause and consequence, a phenomenon Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900) describes as leading to grave depravity of reason. Such renouncement of reason is, in the words of Thomas Paine (1736-1809), akin to administering medicine to the dead.

Specifically on artificial intelligence, technology’s lofty promise suggests that the quality of, say, soccer can be improved by analyzing data derived from past gameplay, forgetting blissfully that a measure of consequence is not a matter of cause. Artificial intelligence takes that idiocracy one step further. It suggests that two games played with the same final score must have been derived from the same gameplay.

The asymmetry of cause leading to consequence and not vice versa dictated by nature’s entropy forbids the reasoning that lays the foundation of artificial intelligence. Again, human intelligence detached from nature’s truth promulgates an anthropogenic cascade instead of the betterment of humanity.

Artificial Intelligence is the wrong application of technology. The number of greater-fools soon addicted to A.I. and voting disproportionately for the cunning regurgitation of hindsight rather than the discovery of foresight will implode the fractal of human ingenuity. The world we created for ourselves already faces the dire consequences of not paying attention to nature’s causal truth.

Technology can be used to advance humanity, but like it took ten years for Albert Einstein to prove the existence of relativity, technology must first prove its theories to advance humanity before being permitted to overtake the governance of a nation-state in dire need of change.

Artificial Intelligence, in a less suspect form called machine learning (ML), is just another future-selling scam of the technology industry to stop paying attention to what matters; human adaptability to nature’s entropy.

We must strengthen human renewal and not use technology to make us more numb to the truth nature bestows upon us. We must learn to think for ourselves, using a natural method.

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The sign of a vibrant, innovative nation is its willingness to pursue the ever-unfolding discovery of nature's truth and reinvent itself continually against those proven new normalizations upstream. Let’s inspire the world with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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