Why AI Will Not Save Humanity

I must comment on yet another wild fantasy technology purveyors throw our way I warned you about. I love technology but hate how the fanfare of easy-peasy technology sold to an ample supply of greater fools is a net negative to human evolution.

This time, Marc Andreessen, Founder and General Partner of Andreessen-Horowitz, preaches “Why AI will save the world.” Forgetting, of course, that humanity does not control the world right off the bat. Nature does. Let’s skip over this slight of solipsism to jump via The Real Meaning Of Changing The World to the core of my rebuttal.

AI is based on data, events that have already occurred, packaged as the knowledge we confound with intelligence. By regurgitating the past, you cannot improve human adaptability to nature’s entropy. And AI will increasingly suffocate humanity with hindsight restated as misplaced foresight, unable to deliver a new normalization of truth with no precedent. In the words of Einstein, knowledge will get you from A to Z (pun intended), and imagination will get you everywhere else.

Marc fails to acknowledge and comprehend that our adaptability to nature’s entropy is the preeminent challenge to human existence. The survival of the human species is predicated on doing more with less and establishing rigors to improve our resistance to many forms and amplitudes of nature’s entropy—a distinctly different compass from using technology to do less with more.

I understand Marc’s impetus to combat my stern warnings echoed by Elon Musk on Artificial Intelligence. Marc is defending his artificial intelligence investment thesis that keeps the buy-and-sell side engaged. Without a theory for humanity, such as the method EVA, that systematically improves human adaptability to nature’s entropy, humans are lost in a centrifuge of temporal and self-serving solipsism.

It is high time we educate the evolutionary ignoramuses in venture capital on the much-needed arbitrage of technology innovation.

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