I Am Not In The Conversion Business

Georges van Hoegaerden
Georges van Hoegaerdenhttps://www.methodeva.com/georges/
Founder, Author, and Managing Director of methodEVA.

Sometimes when I challenge people on their opinions stated as fact, they balk, walk out, or block me on social media. Such is the response of weak people who have not learned to think and who just found out I am not a greater fool they can sell a sliver of hope or a bag of tricks.


Suddenly the attacker, whose opinion is now challenged, poses as a victim and characterizes my opposing viewpoints as ad hominem attacks. This is the world of softies we cherish on social media who cannot have their unchecked egos crushed. I am not out to destroy people, but you are responsible for the statements you make. Not to me, but to the reality as nature unfolds it for us.

I know who I am, and honestly do not care what others think of me. I do not report to other humans; I report to nature’s truth as we all do. So, the debate between people is only relevant to the extent they operate from an agreed-upon normalization of nature’s truth, not the crazy conjecture of human truths.

As I explain in Learn To Think, we can argue about the righteous temporal consequences for humanity, yet only from a cause, a higher normalization, validated by nature. The latter, from which many of us are so blissfully detached.

Extraordinary Evidence

People acting as self-proclaimed experts often are rebels without an evolutionary cause. They induce the depravity of reason, in the words of Friedrich Nietzsche, stemming from confounding cause and consequence. Their battle for self-importance runs rampant in a society where everyone has a voice on the same soapboxes, too afraid of being challenged, creating noise levels that drown out the only truth that matters. Nature’s truth.

People often think I have a proposition to sell. They are wrong. I do not engage in pay-to-play. If that were the case, I would douse my now 1,616 published articles in advertising.

In the words of the late Christopher Hitchens, I am also “not in the conversion business.” Christopher astutely undermined the false suppositions of religions and stated that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Evidence that has never been presented in the first place.

Vectors of Expansion

My goal is to do the same with humanity’s ominously missing operating system. And demonstrate that the vector of human arbitrage derived from popular downstream suboptimizations of two hundred and forty years of constitutional scripture is incompatible with nature’s first principles. The most prominent principle is relativity, a discovery of a new dimension of evolutionary truth one hundred years ago by Albert Einstein, which we have yet to implement to improve how we manage ourselves.

Our current policy, capital, and innovation practices produce outcomes incompatible with how nature evaluates human excellence. In simple terms, we hold the exploration of human intelligence and capacity hostage with systems of absolutism where relativity is required.

Or, using a Christopher Columbus analogy, we still manage humanity with flat-world monisms where round-world plurality is needed. A serious predicament unnecessarily eroding the compatibility of humankind with nature I have put more than twenty thousand hours and serious money into while others dance their lives away.

Truth Normalized

I welcome a healthy discussion but do not take prisoners who are ignorant of the incredible discoveries of Darwin, Feynman, and Einstein, all of who truly moved the needle in our understanding of how nature works. I will ignore, ridicule, or trample you when you deny the evolution of evolution, promote sustainability in a universe subject to the decline of available energy (called entropy), and deploy systems of ever-narrowing and subpriming absolutism where dynamic relativity rewarding the value of our differences is required.

In the United States, the country the world looks up to and copies, all of the constructs we invented to manage humanity are failing. Humanity’s problems, smothered by our addiction to crony wealth, are severe and “amplitudinally” increasing in severity. We turn humans into disposable robots and attempt to turn robots into humans. And while there is so much to discover about the planet we live on and are a product of, we flirt with a mindless opportunity to live on Mars, where humans will quickly cease to be human.


The vector of humanity is seriously out of whack, as any form of laissez-faire gameplay would turn into. I will not try to convince you when the boundaries of your proximal development prevent you from understanding that our existence and longevity are courtesy of our compliance with nature’s rule. My proximal development led me to question the constructs of policy, capital, and innovation more than ten years ago and to set out to devise a systemic remedy.

I will not attempt to convert someone who steadfastly ignores the aforementioned significant discoveries of nature. I would defer you to their published findings and many years of attempts to dethrone them unsuccessfully. I enjoy talking with people whose attachment to popular foregone conclusions can be questioned, and the power of discovery and reasoning, a unique attribute only available to humans, prevails.

Think Different

The discoveries of the greats of nature’s truth do not require your understanding or belief. They have been proven and vetted over many years and still stand. They are a proxy of our understanding of how nature works. I strive to represent the best normalization of nature’s truth. A non-negotiable yet continuously unfolding truth.

Nature does not wait for human consensus. Hence, I do not wait or care for consensus either. The excellence of humanity is self-selecting, derived from those who are curious enough to challenge themselves. And to those people, I am, as I have been told numerous times, a precious source of inspiration.

The sign of an intelligent nation is its willingness and ability to reinvent itself, upstream. Let’s inspire the world with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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