ESG Is An Evolutionary False Positive

Georges van Hoegaerden
Georges van Hoegaerden
Founder, Author, and Managing Director of methodEVA.

There is a lot of talk about ESG these days, a supposed do-good finance program stirred up and recanted by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Many of those debates center around whether financiers, especially those directly impacting the state’s coffers, should consider ESG factors in making investment decisions.


The Republican stance centers mainly around the notion that financiers must revel in their self-assigned freedom to do whatever they can to produce viable investment returns. The Democratic view is to deploy many religions of doing good when making investment decisions.

Both the Republican and the Democratic stances are wrong.

The Republican stance is wrong because freedom cannot exist without paradoxical rules. Indeed, the impact of laissez-faire finance has failed to make Americans more adaptable to nature’s entropy.

We have become apathetic consumers, with seventy percent of Americans now chronically dependent on prescription drugs to make it through life. Human wants do not align with human needs as defined by nature. The strength of our renewal is not determined by humanity but by nature. And thus, the investment theory of humankind must be derived from nature’s first-principles, not from harvesting the ignorance of a growing contingent of greater fools.

The Democratic stance is wrong because ESG hinges on sustainability, while sustainability does not exist anywhere in the universe. The interpretation of ESG is as varied as the interpretations and variations of manmade theologies we conjured up. I hate to tell you, but we will not live forever, as the theologies so fond of an afterlife dare to suggest. I must quote American environmentalist Edward Abbey in saying that growth for the sake of growth, inferred by sustainability, is the ideology of a cancer cell. Sustainability of any kind is a grandiose lie debunked by nature’s first principles of renewal.


Those who govern us are responsible for developing the theory that determines what humanity can discover to improve human adaptability to nature’s entropy.

I am apolitical and do not care about the opinions of Republicans or Democrats. Neither does nature. I only care about humanity using our intelligence to adhere to our best understanding of the first-principles of nature to improve the strength of human renewal consistently.

We, in America, are stuck in a centrifuge of solipsism and sell to the world a vision of make-believe those in other countries better believe in to get our support.

We must rid the world of any religion spread by people incapable of understanding that the future of humanity is in nature’s hands. It is high time to free the operating systems of humankind from the manmade dogmas invalidated by Richard Feynman and Albert Einstein and recalibrate the future of humanity to their groundbreaking discoveries of nature.

Adaptive Capitalism

Today, the predominant arguments for or against ESG put forward by politicians are rooted in at least one-hundred-year-old ignorance of vetted and well-known evolutionary first-principles. Capitalism can and must improve human adaptability to nature’s entropy. And all it takes to strengthen human renewal is to abide by the principles of nature at play for over 17 billion years.

Humans worldwide are held hostage by the theory established by the stale governance of their sovereignty that, in the words of Albert Einstein, determines what can be discovered. In America, both sides of the ESG debate are wrong and evolutionary ignorant, deflecting and destroying the need for humanity to adapt to nature’s entropy. Solipsism reigns supreme.

The vector of humanity must change from the regurgitation of nonexistent sustainability to the adaptability of renewal for society not to succumb to an anthropogenic cascade and to live as long as humanly possible.

Politicians must learn to think and get schooled in nature’s first-principles before they are allowed to establish and govern what humanity can and must discover. Or else, we, the people, will become a subprime derivative of their lowest common denominator.

Real leadership comprises intelligent people who realize how little they know. May they stand up for the sake of humanity.

The sign of an intelligent nation is its willingness and ability to reinvent itself, upstream. Let’s inspire the world with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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