Apple Broke My Apple TV

In an ever-increasing saga of Apple’s increasingly discombobulated product strategy, breaking the workings of my HomeKit configuration, now my Apple TVs can no longer retain a separate account for iCloud and Media purchases. Meaning, all of my purchased music, to the tune of $5K worth, has disappeared from my Apple TV.

Apple is trying to push people onto its music subscription service, a service I regard as disgraceful to artists. I believe artists should be able to determine the price of their art. A point I made a long time ago. I refuse to become part of a service that prices art based on populism, as I know how hard it is to produce art. Apple deflates the value of the long tail of art, shooting artists and, ultimately, itself in the foot.

A convoluted cloud-based product strategy, with too many options and no real value that degrades the value of outliers, is the outcome of a beancounter CEO, Tim Cook, who does not understand how to build a technology vector that serves humanity. The self-aggrandizing foolery of customer satisfaction surveys be damned.

Again, anyone suggesting to leave the future of humanity, through Artificial Intelligence or otherwise, in the hands of technology companies creating this many systematic and strategic failures is a fool. And trust me; Apple is far from the worst thanks to the remnants of the vector Steve Jobs set out.

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