There Are No Absolute Truths, Only Absolute Lies

Truth is contentious these days, with every media and technology outlet proclaiming to be its King.

Twitter now proclaims to become the place where the most accurate version of the truth lies. Not so fast, say I, as Elon Musk has not read my article called Learn To Think, in which I declare truth not to be absolute but a proximal and relative state of nature’s truth.

Litmus Test

My recent test (re)tweet, “If you change nothing. Nothing changes.” copied from Facebook, was not flagged as inaccurate. Albeit, it is.

Nature’s entropy, defined by Richard Feynman as the decline of available energy, changes everything, even when you claim not to. Aging, for example, is a form of entropy that does not wait for your action or inaction to change anything.

Manmade Lies

The seemingly innocuous but flawed declaration used in my tweet has massive consequences for how we humans operate and how we adapt to nature. For it infers a stasis of sustainability where none exists.

The manmade lie of sustainability, nonexistent anywhere in the universe, puts humanity’s expansion on a trajectory incompatible with the strength of renewal required by nature. All while the purveyors of sustainability claim to do good for humanity.

This gargantuan lie of sustainability, now impregnating finance eleven times the size of production with programs such as ESG, PRI, etc., is also invalidated by nature’s entropy, irreversibly turning an organized state into an unorganized state. Sustainability, feverishly sold as our savior, is incompatible with the decline of available energy imposed by nature.

Sustainability is an absolute lie. Check to see how often that shows up on Twitter, defying the self-proclaimed regulators of truth.

Everything Changes

Entropy is the reason why everything changes even when humans do nothing.

Instead of believing we control our destiny, we must begin to comprehend we are subjugated to the gameplay nature dictates to us. Truth is a moving target, as I explain in Learn To Think, a predicament Elon Musk must learn to embrace with Twitter before he declares the platform that allowed my untruthful statement to pass to be the best source of truth.

The truth will not come from the solipsism of human thought experiments, appraising one to be more desirable and populous than another. Truth is relative to purview and an ever-evolving and best proxy of nature’s truth. A normalization of truth we have yet to recognize before we can assign any value to truth.

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