Thou Shalt Not Is Not A Theory

One of the most destructive confoundings of cause and consequence leading to grave depravity of reason, in the words of Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900), is related to the way we attempt to infer a theory from rules.

Our steadfast reliance on the U.S. Constitution is a great example of that, as it constitutes merely a set of rules without establishing a theory of human gameplay. A set of rules Theodore Roosevelt suggested should be rewritten every thirty years and never has been. Over some two hundred and forty years, the rules have evolved into endless downstream renditions, in print form, covering the Capitol rotunda completely. Nobody can make sense of or comply with that kind of complexity.

Rules only make sense when a system with an embedded theory has been established in advance, so the objective of what you are trying to rule is identified. Without a theory yielding the desired outcome of a system, ruling alone makes no sense.

The Ten Commandments in the Bible, and those in the U.S. Constitution, poignantly assigning rights without obligations, do not infer a theory of humanity we so desperately need to establish the common objectives we can all contribute to. Neither the commandments of the Bible (if you believe in the sleep of reason) nor the U.S. Constitution have yielded a theory for humanity that can withstand the test of time.

The recent State of The Union address makes clear that without a theory for humanity, we are lost in a Disney World-like fantasy that keeps us entertained but fails to improve human adaptability to nature’s entropy. We must establish a theory for humanity, then establish real systems, not constructs that feign as such, before the rules we apply make any sense.

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