Technology Fantasies

Watching how the technology industry wants to move us all into a fantasy world is fascinating. As you can see from the picture above, Facebook is eager to convert a natural person into an avatar. And then, Meta will attempt to make avatars behave like real people. It sounds like a ring around the Rosie where we all fall down to me.


If you think it is just Meta going off the rails of reality, think again. Artificial intelligence turns man into robots while attempting (and failing) to turn robots into man. The stampede for ChatGPT makes clear how the imbeciles of society are easily fooled by the promise of having to do nothing to make money, not needing any skills to become independent, and not having to think for themselves.

Crypto, an equally dumbfoundingly stupid technological appraisal of personal valuations portraying to extrapolate to collective value, has significantly fooled and damaged the greater-fools of humanity. I can empty a bucket of technologies that do not serve the strength of human renewal.


Our governments are equally enthralled by the prospects of technology as its people. Even as technology has opened up the unprotected backdoor to human integrity and nation-state sovereignty. Yes, the internet was a great invention, but the free-for-all applications riding on top, not so much.

The free-for-all of internet development is as stupid as creating a network of roads without requiring driver’s licenses, registrations, car insurance, traffic signs, and rules.

How come our governments do not govern? They do. And under a human theory left undefined. They govern what people want, not what people need. Not dissimilar to how they raise their children. Giving them what they want, not what they need. In blissful ignorance of the rule of nature that determines the needs of humanity. Solipsism pur sang.


Indeed, unbridled technology, as in creating a network of roads without rules, creates multigenerational “accidents” humanity may not recover from. In fancy terms, the anthropogenic cascade induced by technology is in full swing courtesy of a government asleep at the wheel.

Our universe and planet are subject to nature’s entropy, described by Richard Feynman as the decline of available energy. Meaning humanity must become stronger to do more with less. The strength of renewal, rather than the wild fantasies of technology, in violation of nature’s first-principles, must prevail.


We cannot let technology rule the roost of humanity, for its purveyors, in the words of Ricky Gervais, have no clue how the real world works. But a government that does not either and has failed to establish a human theory is equally complicit to humanity’s ignorance and solipsism, believing the future is in its own hands.

One ought not to be surprised the players of human gameplay left undefined will inevitably break every unspoken rule. Elective morality is not compatible with the authoritarian rule of nature.

The future of humanity is beholden to nature. We must, therefore, play nature’s game and adhere to nature’s first-principles to establish a theory, systems, and rules that strengthen the renewal of humanity. Only then can we determine what technology is good or bad. Giving technology an unlimited hall pass is an inhumane and incredibly dumb thing to do.

Think more.

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