Inequities Are A Fact Of Life

Inequities are unfair but necessary attributes of evolution. They are hard to swallow for people who do not even acknowledge evolution or, like our government, know little about evolution. Those inequities, like freedom of speech, should be amplified, not diminished, to serve evolution.

All species evolve based on the strength of renewal derived from the value of differences, not from the value of commonalities. We, humans, develop courtesy of a renewable hierarchy established by the strength of individual adaptability—the adaptability to nature’s entropy. Not the adaptability to vile maxims of human wants feigning as the compass for human needs.

In other words, human servitude to make money, with one human using unverifiable evolutionary merit to claim superiority over another, does not improve human adaptability to nature’s entropy. And thus, making money from systems without an embedded theory that establishes evolutionary merit is a net negative to humanity. Laissez-faire governance, with humans allowed to do whatever they feel like or can get away with, destroys the integrity and future of society.

Amidst the fanfare of false positivity, removing inequities is the white-washing of short that damages the long of human survival. Despite the DNA of humans being almost entirely the same, the unique sampling of a tiny portion makes us all look and behave differently. We must nurture and amplify those differences to evolve to the best of our abilities. We must build a human theory that mimics nature’s approach.

We are not created equal. And a U.S. Declaration of Independence that states the opposite infers a theory for humanity that is incompatible with nature and must be thrown in the dustbin of history, along with the people defending the U.S. Constitution derived from said declaration. It is high time the most intelligent species stops extrapolating the foregone conclusions of hindsight and instead uses foresight to break the norm of who we collectively can and deserve to become.

The Chicago Bulls would have never won six playoffs without the unique capabilities of Michael Jordan lifting the whole team. Inequities are a fact of life, a consequence of innate and serendipitous inequality we must cherish to lift the tide that floats all boats. Like in sports, we must nurture those who think and act differently, raising us all to play the best game nature, not other humans, tells us to play.

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