Improving Mental Health

I see a lot of people diagnose others or themselves as having a chemical imbalance as the reason why they are depressed and in need of help to make it through life. In the U.S., we are the master of making up names for diseases and selling drugs that prevent us from investigating the actual cause.

The ignorance to cause of ill mental health is yet another case of the Hamlin syndrome. Do not get me started on ADHD.

Blissful Ignorance

By giving any purported abnormality a name, we can comfortably ignore that the American Dream, a vile maxim that disregards the collective interest of humanity, fails to deliver on its promise. It is convenient to forget that no construct we conjured up as part of our democracy works as advertised.

It is also convenient to ignore that the freedom we aspire to must be curtailed by paradoxical rules that prevent the pursuit of individual liberty from harming the trust in collective freedom. We cannot build a renewable society without the potential for social mobility of all of its people. For none of us are free unless all of us are free.

We need to reinvent ourselves anew. We have relied too much on fossil fuels from the middle east, as we rely too much on immigration to replenish outliers. We must build better constructs that improve the renewal of our population and inspire the world with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

Humanity Weakening

Seventy percent of Americans are chronically dependent on prescription drugs, the vast majority on anti-depressants. Let that sink in for a moment. Why are we still so unhappy and unfulfilled with all the wealth we amassed?

We have become a fragile species, with 86% of healthcare costs devoted to chronic diseases. In 2021, over 100,000 people in the U.S. died of drug overdoses and drug poisonings, up by another 30% year over year. Read up for more astounding and not widely published statistics on “American Excellence” that the rest of the world is supposed to replicate.

Those numbers are frightening in light of the need for humanity to adapt to nature’s entropy. Entropy, defined as the decline of available energy, incompatible with the false promise of sustainability, forces us to do more with less and therefore requires us to be more vital from generation to generation. We are achieving the opposite.

Living longer, as in the walking-dead dependence on drugs, is no indication of living stronger required to meet the challenges nature throws our way.

Addressing Causation

The problem with humanity, and the U.S. leading the charge, is that we have never defined a theory for humankind. That is like running a business without a business plan. What do you expect the employees to contribute? What do you expect humans to contribute?

In the words of Albert Einstein, the theory determines what can be discovered. And without a theory for humanity, human intelligence is wasted on pleasing each other to make a buck. Those unable, unwilling, or too smart to act as proverbial whores of solipsism and instant gratification are bound to fall into the gutter of depression.

The lack of a human theory replicates, cultivates, and coagulates the commonalities of humanity, while human evolution, as dictated by nature, is predicated on our differences. And unless you, too, are ready to become a lemming, the world we have created for ourselves has become an ugly place to live.


Mental health must be addressed at the source. Not with medicine to numb the false negatives of stifling normalcy into compliance but with a theory of humanity for the first time correlated to nature’s first principles that opens up a much wider standard deviation of merit than our self-serving and failing constructs currently represent.

We must establish a theory for humanity to ensure we understand and commit to our evolutionary obligation to help ourselves and our offspring. I have built such a theory for humanity, including the method to transition the practices of policy, capital, and innovation from the old to the new. I call it Evolution Via Adaptation, EVA in short.


I have repaired many businesses where a business’s vision and business plan were left ill-defined or undefined, with employees depressed and wondering what to do. The worst of them will stay. The good ones have already left.

The logic of fixing humanity is the same. Fundamental change comes from establishing a new and higher normalization of nature’s truth that designates a human theory, real systems, and rules (in that order) that open up new opportunities for everyone in society.

With all hands on deck needed to improve human adaptability to nature’s entropy, a more diverse skill set will be required to strengthen human renewal. And more opportunities for more people will reduce the depression of the otherwise all-too-easily disregarded false negatives in a society unaware of its evolutionary obligations.

The sign of an intelligent nation is its willingness and ability to reinvent itself, upstream. Let’s inspire the world with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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