Improving Capitalism

Capitalism plays a vital role in society. The exchange of money, individually for products or services rendered or by investment firms for equity, determines what will be produced.

Wants And Needs

It should, therefore, not come as a surprise that Capitalism today only grows when it serves more of what people want, in stark contrast with the growth of Capitalism as an indicator of serving people’s needs. Therefore, the economic growth attributed to Capitalism is not an indicator of human excellence as it is so often portrayed.

Amplified by its legislative overlord, a democracy known to stimulate the above laissez-faire capitalism does the same. It coagulates the opinion of human wants, not human needs. Unremarkably, we are all embroiled in a grandiose game to please each other without correlating to how that serves our evolutionary renewal.

Innovate From Within

The greed deployed to chase the temporal whims of humanity does not give Capitalism a good reputation. To the rescue came sustainability programs invented by financiers who know nothing about evolutionary first-principles.

They conjured up myriad finance programs hinging on sustainability (such as UN SDG, ESG, PRI, Impact Investing, etc.) and even got governments and pension funds to buy into them. All while using Capitalism to do good for the world hinges on make-belief incompatible with nature, as the universe and our planet revolve around the opposite of sustainability.

Renewal, nature’s evolution process, deploys a fundamentally different vector from the evolutionary oxymoron of sustainability. And not in the least, it deploys a theory of dynamic relativity we have only known about for one hundred years, courtesy of Einstein, and thus far has failed to implement it in how we manage and evaluate ourselves.

Despite noble attempts, Capitalism again faces the recognition that the arbitrage of its reinvention is incompatible with the renewable nature of the assets to which Capitalism applies.

Don’t Hate The Players

It is tempting to hate the players who take Capitalism for a ride, but we should not. For we have not established the gameplay, we want to see. We have not given Capitalism its marching orders; therefore, the players, primarily investors, play whatever game they can get away with.

Capitalism plays a crucial role as investment decisions determine how the fractal of human excellence expands. Investors were never told what kind of investments to make to improve human adaptability to nature’s entropy. Investors were advised to produce investment returns, no matter the benefit or deficit to the collective interest of humanity.

Our government has failed to establish a theory for humanity that identifies our collective interests; thus, investors ran with whatever investments produced returns they committed to producing regardless of collective interests. I cannot blame them.

New Vector

Governments are supposed to identify the gameplay they wish their citizens to play to produce a vibrant and regenerative society.

Our governmental leaders must establish a theory, validate the systems embedding said theory, and deploy the rulebook that protects a vile maxim of personal interests from harming the trust in collective interests. With gameplay established; they must let the players play the game.

Today, without a theory for humanity establishing the vector and objective of investment arbitrage, our government questions the morality of players who, unsurprisingly, never read the unpublished memo. The silly committee hearings in Congress judging the decisions of players run amok is like FIFA criticizing soccer players for their gameplay that evening.

The people in government must govern, not pretend to be better at playing the game themselves. Laissez-faire gameplay leads to unpredictable outcomes and a maelstrom of infractions not worth evaluating. We cannot appeal to morality as the only hope of adhering to nature’s authoritarian rule from which there is no escape.

Dare To Govern

For the United States to inspire the world, we must deploy new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves. Such rigors include the definition of a theory, systems, and rulebook to which every marketplace, including finance, is subjugated.

We can learn from what Singapore’s former premier, Lee Kuan Yew, achieved. Elected from a democratic platform, he laid down the principles of making Singapore a mighty nation. He defined how investments of any kind must serve the collective interests of all Singaporeans. But that requires strong leadership with a president capable of conveying and persuading the need for those humanitarian principles across the political aisle.

The implementation of an evolutionary theory for Capitalism is straightforward. As an investor, you can only invest in things that improve human adaptability to nature’s entropy. We then apply tax brackets to investments and ween the bad ones off based on the cost they currently incur to society. The good ones we dramatically reduce the tax on.

Hence, we need a variable tax rate dependent on the value those investments produce to meet humanity’s evolutionary needs.

Develop Different

We must change our current unsustainable governance hierarchy to a renewable one that best serves the regenerative requirements needed to serve human evolution. To make that change happen, we must reorganize the priorities of how we rule the human roost. We must learn to obey and play nature’s game if we, arguably the most intelligent major species, do not want to become the shortest-lived.

A developed country is a country that best serves the strength of human renewal, not a government serving the whims of fickle human wants.

The vector of Capitalism must change for the fractal of human expansion to improve adaptability to the many forms of entropy nature will continue to throw our way. A strategy of stifling absolutisms we have today amidst a universe of dynamic relativity will not get us there.

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The sign of a vibrant, innovative nation is its willingness to pursue the ever-unfolding discovery of nature's truth and reinvent itself continually against those proven new normalizations upstream. Let’s inspire the world with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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