Do You Support Trickle-Down Economics?

No. I do not support Economics, and thus I cannot support its proliferation of any kind, down or up. Economics is the systematic confounding of consequence and cause, leading, in the words of Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900), to grave depravity of reason.

Let me explain. Economics relies on the notion that the gameplay in soccer (a cause) can be derived from the number of goals scored (a consequence). That is false. And then it infers that another game with the same score must have come from similar gameplay. We all instinctively know that will never be true. Not only that, a study of hindsight does not extrapolate to foresight that breaks the norm. Hence, the use of economics in establishing a strategy of fundamental change and improvement is the kiss of death to better policy.

An economist is like a driver who, only from looking into the rearview mirror, must decide how and where to drive.

It is, however, true that we need to establish a top-down method. Nature’s method we call methodeva. For the first time, by deploying a theory for humanity aligned with nature’s first-principles, that establishes real systems with the theory embedded and then rules to protect the integrity and trust in those systems.

We must begin to adhere to the authoritarian nature of nature, top-down. Or else the human species, as the youngest and arguably the most intelligent species, will live the shortest of all major species.

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