What Is Wrong With Humanity?

It is tempting for many of us to look at and worry about the many problems in society and to think the world we created for ourselves is going to hell in a hand-basket. It is true, if we keep on trucking the way we are, the human species, the youngest of all major species on Planet Earth, will indeed live the shortest.

Intelligence Squared

Intelligence, a supposedly uniquely human trait, has been used to gain the upper hand over others of the same species. To make some of us superior to others and to release ourselves from freedom’s enslavement paradox that strangles the hopeful. Such a solipsistic pursuit, despite perhaps serving individual freedom, does not serve the strength of human renewal required for our species to survive the test of time.

The problems we face due to laissez-faire vile maxims allowed to run our roost cannot be solved by bandaging every selfish obstruction to its integrity. It can only structurally and systemically be averted by analyzing the root-cause of human efficacy. It is that search for root-cause that led me, over the years in my ascend from innovation to capital to policy, to invent EVA, a new method to fundamentally improve human adaptability to the first-principles of nature determining human efficacy and renewal.


Our objective as the human species should be and must be, to adapt to the irreversible decline of available energy. Meaning, we must do more with less and design a human theory, systems, and rules that make humanity stronger, not weaker. We must breed outliers that can lift humanity up to a new and higher normalization of nature’s truth, counter to the stultifying adulation of manmade make-believe.

Survival of the most adaptable to nature’s entropy, such as climate change, is the ethos of nature that prevented the human species from going extinct and will prevent us from disappearing off the face of the planet, gone too soon.

Here is the phrasing I used on our new entropy page.

Remove Solipsism

The future of humanity is defined by nature, not by man. Hence, human intelligence must be deployed not to appease ourselves but to comprehend and adhere to nature’s first-principles.

Remove Cancer

The universe and our planet are subject to the decline of available energy called entropy, the opposite of sustainability’s growth for the sake of growth using the ideology of a cancer cell.

Remove Incompatibility

Today’s practices of policy, capital, and innovation are incompatible with nature’s first-principles, thereby ignoring and weakening human resistance to nature’s entropy.

Rebuild Strength

To live as long as humanly possible, humanity must play nature’s game and adapt systemically. Rather than the length of sustainability, the strength of renewal becomes paramount.


We can and must address the root-cause of the many undesirable consequences we face. The leaderless leaders who revel in consequence today are the rebels without a cause, unable to envision and reinvent our world anew.

As the human species, we are equipped with innate intelligence, curiosity, and imagination to enable us to discover the gameplay nature bestows on us. Now is the time to address the root-cause to systemically obliterate the undesirable consequences preventing the renewal of human excellence.

I invite you to learn more about the methodology of EVA, Evolution Via Adaptation, and I am happy to answer any questions you may have.

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