The Fanfare Of Technology Religions

I love what technology can do for us.


I began my career in technology some forty years ago, writing code in macro-assembler, Fortran, and C++ to eventually as CEO producing venture-style returns for early-stage diamond-in-the-rough startups in Silicon Valley. I know what technology can, could, and should do for humanity. Yet, that is not where the arbitrage of innovation, venture capital, steers the future of innovation. The theory of venture capital, in the words of Albert Einstein, ought to determine what can be discovered.

Innovation should be the attachment to a new normalization of nature’s truth that improves human adaptability to nature’s entropy. Technology that does not improve human adaptability to the decline of available energy is a net negative to the longevity of the human species.

Today’s technology creates a herd of like-minded, apathetic people, making money by appeasing greater-fools, unwilling and soon unable to think for themselves.

The Religions

First, social media was poised to change the world everybody bought into. Then we discovered that freedom of speech could not be supported by a private sector looking to capitalize on populism over the integrity of speech. Social media makes money from supporting groupthink, a philosophy incompatible with the outliers of thought responsible for expanding the fractal of human ingenuity.

Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies, coagulate remunerations of belief uncorrelated to the value of financial assets. More believers do not make a crypto religion true; in the same way, more believers in theology do not. Yet, the attraction of easy money chased by greater-fools increases the valuation of crypto far beyond its intrinsic value. Bitcoin makes the world flat again, falling at least one dimension short of reality.

The Metaverse is the grandiose belief that a virtual world is better than a real one. All while we ignore Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity, the universe and our world revolve around an actual dimension we have over one-hundred years mostly ignored. Nothing and I mean nothing, in the vision of meta supports improved adaptability to nature’s entropy defining the longevity and excellence of the human species. Meta is outright stupid.

The artificial intelligence delivered by ChatGPT is impressive to those who skim the surface of life. Artificial intelligence relies on knowledge derived from human hindsight, incapable of producing the expansion of foresight to break the norm. In the words of Albert Einstein, knowledge gets you from A to Z. Imagination gets you everywhere else. ChatGPT cleverly regurgitates what we already know, incapable of extrapolating what we need to know.


The idiots in society are the ones who believe the ability to write an algorithm in C++, establishing a monolithic technological theory for humanity that determines what only you can discover, makes you a genius.

Humanity’s challenges pertain to our adaptability to nature’s entropy, doing more with less, and strengthening human renewal, with or without technology. Technology must prove it can support human adaptability to nature’s entropy, or it, despite its grandiose proclamations, cements the antithesis of human advancement.


Technology has proven to appease those who think the same, acquire money by doing nothing, live in a fantasy world, and now with ChatGPT, believe they no longer need to think for themselves. The religions of technology our governments embrace with open arms are as dangerous as the theologies of our past, also feverishly adopted by governments, have proven to be.

We must learn more about what we do not know. To expand the human purview to improve our survival in a world subject to the laws of nature. The laws of nature we have yet to acknowledge and implement. As I demonstrated earlier, the fanfare of technology make-believe will not get us there.

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