Humanity’s Undefined Reality

The most developed countries in the world are blissfully ill-developed.


For example, The United States, as arguably the most powerful and so-called developed country in the world, relies on the U.S. Constitution, democracy, and capitalism to prove its leaderboard position of human excellence. GDP be damned.

As you can see from the included slide, none of the constructs derived from the congruence of the U.S. Constitution, democracy, and capitalism work very well, so admit the renowned experts responsible for monitoring, managing, and promulgating their performance.


To improve the excellence of human renewal in the United States, we rely heavily on a fresh supply of outlier immigrants (hint) previously unaffected by made-in-america “excellence”. The United States succeeds despite, not because the systems we have built to manage ourselves.

The opportunity therefore, is to evolve and question the burden of proof belonging to the geniuses having invented the systems that hold humanity hostage.

Have you ever asked why you submit to a constitutional doctrine written 240-years, out of touch with reality? Have you ever wondered how on earth human wants in a democracy equate to human needs? Why are you surprised laissez-faire capitalism leads to bronze age vile-maxims destroying the collective trust in finance?

We have bred a fantasy world running out of character, as I wrote a couple of years ago.

Think More

The first flaw in human thinking is to deny thinking. We fly by the seat of our pants until shit hits the fan and only correct the most overt downstream infractions. We have failed to reinvent the U.S. Constitution despite Theodore Roosevelt telling us we should do so every thirty years. Many legislative debacles, out of tune with today’s normalization of reality, stem from the reluctance to reinvent ourselves.

But the biggest problem with the U.S. constitution is that it functions like the ten commandments in the bible, of not having apriori established real systems that embed the human theory to which those rules apply. Put simply, you cannot just establish rules and assume the objective of gameplay is understood.

The U.S. Constitution is not an evolutionary theory. Democracy is not a system. And capitalism, as the abritrage of human innovation, fails to act as the responsible rulebook upon which we can depend. We have failed to establish the proper chain of cause and consequence that can lead to vast improvements in human opportunity and excellence.

Without a theory for humanity, we are lost in a battle of self-serving interpretations of elective morality unable to achieve the benefit of collective focus.


The lesson we should have learned from Albert Einstein is that the theory detemrines what can be discovered. And without a theory, the discovery of how we can all contribute to society in a positive fashion and maintain a dynamic equilbrium with the environment upon which we depend is lost.

Hence, to promote human exceellence we must first establish the theory of how nature evaluates human excellence. We must establish a theory for humanity that adheres to nature’s gameplay, then define the systems that embed that theory, and then, and only then, establish the rulebook that regulates the adherence to gameplay.

Today, The United States is not an undeveloped country but an ill-developed country. It has pointed the vector of human expansion in the direction of human wants, uncalibrated to the direction of human needs as defined by nature.

We can and must change our ways, by first establishing a theory, then the appropriate systems, and then the rules to which all participants must abide. And then I bet you, most of the dysfunction we promulgate today will disappear, courtesy of nature’s implicit approval.

The sign of an intelligent nation is its willingness and ability to reinvent itself, upstream. Let’s inspire the world with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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