Al Gore Proves Democracy Wrong

Al Gore’s spirited lecture at Davos, angrily raising his voice about the Climate challenges, proves democracy, the bedrock of his reprise, wrong.


You see, in democracy, the whims of populism set the vector of human expansion.

Worse, in a democracy, the will of the people looking for the path of least resistance to freedom and prosperity sets the theory, in the words of Albert Einstein, that determines what can be discovered.

The new generation inherits the same defunct human theory we relied on. Hence, to rely on the younger generation to solve the climate crisis is like passing a hand grenade on to the next runner in the human relay race.

Without a human theory correlated to nature’s first-principles, the will of humanity’s addictive consumerism and desperate self-preservation is guaranteed to win over the hard-fought realization that nature’s truth determines the survival of our species.


Change cannot just come from the bottom, so to speak. The apathy of ignoramuses, subject to the same dysfunctional human theory as our past, by Einstein’s credo, will lead to the same discovery, the discovery that our short-term personal interests in all their ingenuity continue to gnaw at the integrity of our long-term collective interests.

Al Gore, as a former Vice President, is part of the political elite. And as a person who almost became President of the United States and arguably the most influential person in the world, he remains incapable of changing the political landscape to make climate change a priority.

Having lost his political battles, he now, too, fights against the notion that the reliance on the whims of elective morality and solipsism in a democracy leads, by definition, to the implicit denial of nature’s truth.


Change comes from a higher normalization of nature’s truth, that human excellence is not defined by humanity but defined by our adherence to nature’s first-principles. And without a human theory, in adherence to nature’s first-principles, humanity will continue to play a game of overzealous self-importance and dubious survival, destined for nature’s unstoppable smackdown.

If we want to change the world for the better, we must establish a theory for humanity based on a new normalization of nature’s truth that determines what can be discovered. Precisely what we have done with EVA, developing a theory to systemically improve human adaptability to all forms of nature’s entropy, including climate change.

Top to bottom

Nature’s authoritarian truth cannot be supported by the whims of elective morality in democracy. Until we establish a new theory for humanity, top-down by outlier grownups, expedited by the tickling of urgency, bottom-up by the next generation, nothing of substance will change.

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