Free-Markets We Have Not

Freedom requires paradoxical rules, and every sovereign nation establishes its own balance and boundaries of freedom. So, when people call the United States the freest country in the world, I smirk. Clearly, they have not lived anywhere else in the world, is the thinking of someone who has.

Unfree America

Our so-called Blue Laws forbid the sale of alcohol and other products on Sunday. This unfree religious restriction violates the separation of church and state in our Declaration of independence—a double whammy of anti-freedom. Go figure.

Freedom consists of many layers of personal and collective specifications, in which the pursuit of personal freedom cannot be allowed to tarnish the trust in collective freedom. Freedom, by all accounts, is a relativity theory in which plurality cannot be squared with any absolutism of freedom.

Freedom Misunderstood

Freedom is woefully misinterpreted as an absolute free-for-all or simply unfree. Many people think they are not free when they cannot purchase and use an automatic machine gun in public to defend themselves. Just because the U.S. Constitution, which those people interpret like the bible, could not foresee the creation and proliferation of those weapons.

So, when I refer to the free-markets we have not, I refer to the grandiose miscomprehension of freedom in this country—the denial of its paradox, the denial of its relativity, plus the denial of its plurality.

Our gun-control deathlock stems from the denial of freedom as a theory of relativity, setting us at least one hundred years back.

Markets misunderstood

Markets do not exist is the reason why they are misunderstood. For markets are merely temporal consequences of marketplaces at their cause. Marketplaces are constructs by which buyers and sellers are connected to exchange products or services.

A marketplace as the cause leads to highly fluctuating aggregate behavior of a temporal “market” as a consequence. Confounding a “market” with a marketplace is the confounding of consequence and cause Nietzsche referred to as grave depravity of reason.

Anyone referring to markets as animate objects with behavioral aspects assigned to them is a depraved idiot, pretending to know what can’t be known.


A misunderstanding of freedom and the grave depravity of reason derived from our misplaced perception of markets leads to gross human rights violations, price gauging, and egregious monetary scams. Take a look at the included image that displays the price fluctuations of flights to Europe, not because the cost of the flight increases, but purely because of the vacation period of kids, do airlines increase the price by over 100%.

This artificial price fluctuation is not the result of a so-called “free-market”, but a product of an “anti-free-market”. Because if it were a free market and multiple airlines would indeed compete, the price would go down instead of up. All the airlines have increased their prices simultaneously when they can, violating antitrust laws. Right after, public funds were made available by the government to keep the airlines afloat during the coronavirus.

Define Free

A free marketplace is a marketplace in which unlimited supply is connected with unlimited demand through a transparent and independent exchange.

The price of the exchanged product or service is established by the fair value plus a fixed percentage for the marketplace creator.

Uber Free

When people need to escape storms, airlines are known to increase flights by enormous amounts. A four hundred percent increase in price has been registered and recorded, and only a few cases have been persecuted. Hotels price-gauge when there is limited supply or competition of hotels residing directly on the ocean. On Hilton Head Island, they increase their price from $100 in the winter time to $500 during the summer.

The making money scheme with whatever you can get away with runs rampant in a country where the perception of freedom is a free-for-all. Disconnected from paradoxical rules to freedom, freedom is not free. The American people are losing vast amounts of their hard-earned money on the incomprehension and abuse of freedom.

Car-hailing service Uber takes the abuse of freedom a step further. Portraying to free people from the clutches of taxi companies, it provides a service by which virtually anyone can be a cab driver. That service is supposed to lower the fees for consumers.

Yet Uber on Hilton Head Island suddenly increases prices by threefold when a plane lands at the small airport, relaying only a tiny portion to the driver who did not influence the price change. Uber uses the same price gauging schemes as airlines.

The marketplace constructs we deploy in this country are quite the opposite of free, as any freedom without paradoxical rules leads to the opposite of freedom.

Govern Freedom

President Joe Biden has identified the consequences of how the American people are getting ripped off. Instead of identifying causation, he established a competition council that hopes to squat the frequent and flagrant violations of freedom. That is like putting bandaids on the wounds of a cancer patient, not curing the disease.

We must establish an evolutionary theory for humanity and redesign the operating-systems to embed said theory. Or otherwise, we keep sinking deeper into the hole that we dig for ourselves with the world, in amazing apathy, following in our footsteps.

A lack of freedom damages human evolution and limits the adaptation to entropy for humanity to survive as long as humanly possible. We must address the cause of the flagrant violations of freedom that permeate our society.

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