Does The Phrase “Functioning Government” Mean Anything Anymore?

“There seems to be very little in the “functioning” department right now,” continues the questioner.

My Answer

Without a theory for humanity, you cannot govern humans. In the same way, you cannot govern soccer when no theory of soccer has been predefined, communicated, and established.

The way today’s government functions, at least in the U.S., takes an almost biblical interpretation of the U.S. Constitution. Like the bible, our Constitution has expired about ten times over, its commandments have been eroded by the discovery of nature’s first-principles since.


A government holding on to an unshakeable U.S. Constitution of some 240 years ago, despite Theodore Roosevelt’s urgent warning to rewrite it every thirty years, is like a person hanging on to unchallengeable precepts of the Bible from 2,000 years ago. Both are dependent on many self-serving renditions and interpretations by their priests’ yearning to gain the upper hand over other human beings, while their extraordinary claims fail to produce extraordinary evidence. All religions, including the conformance to the U.S. Constitution, are consistently disclaimed by the rule of nature determining human excellence.

Indeed, the belief in government and the promulgation of a democracy without the higher-order normalization and subjugation to a human theory in compliance with nature’s first-principles is a scam.


Now, the suggestion to get rid of the government because it causes more harm than good is like suggesting to get rid of a referee in soccer because the referee does not understand the game being played. Not a good idea to improve the trust in the game of soccer.

The trust in our collective freedom must be protected from the challenge of many diverging interests in personal freedom. In any society, or marketplace for that matter, the pursuit of individual interests cannot be allowed to tarnish the trust of our collective interests.


A government, like the U.S. government, that rules on the basis of an expired U.S. Constitution in blatant violation of nature’s principles is a ruse. Not to be eliminated, but to be set straight on how nature’s first-principles, not some kind of biblical belief, guide the composition of a theory, the systems, and the rules under which our collective interests as a species are best served.

Politicians must come back to school to learn what governing really means.

The sign of an intelligent nation is its willingness and ability to reinvent itself, upstream. Let’s inspire the world with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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