Robert’s Reich

I just watched former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich’s 2017 documentary “Saving Capitalism”. Five years since the making of the movie, the oligarchy of capitalism run wild has only gotten worse.

Change We Can Trust

To no surprise, Robert’s approach is wrong. A rather impactful problem since he is also a Professor of Public Policy at the Goldman School of Public Policy at UC Berkeley, teaching our children how to induce and expect fundamental change in life.

In Albert Einstein’s words, the problems we face today cannot be solved at the same level we created them.

Robert’s purview is that of the existing workings of politics, and he appeals to the public, specifically young people, to come up with answers as to what to fix. That’s a behavior a former politician is preprogrammed to achieve but a hopeless one. As desperate as reinvigorating a company by asking the employees how. An outlier of thought cannot be found within the confines of compliance.

Real Leadership

Real leadership comes from discovering a new normalization of nature’s truth. And that discovery teaches us human solipsism of democracy is not how nature rules. Nature works based on an evolutionary meritocracy, with those people who best adapt to nature’s entropy getting the best chance of survival and producing a healthy and renewable bloodline.

We must elevate our governance to establish a human theory first. Only then can we establish systems that embed the theory that uses a selection of input to produce the desired output, like in a combustion engine where the theory of combustion turns gasoline as input into torque as output.

False Inferences

But Robert’s pursuit sinks into even lower dispair.

He suggests we merely establish rules for our construct of capitalism that is not even a system, but a symptom. You cannot infer a system from simply defining a set of rules, as you still lack the embedded theory. He then asks the public what the rules should be and to become an activist to demand the outcomes they would like to see. I am sorry, but the opinions of what people want are no reflection of what people need.

The needs of humanity are defined by nature, not by man. They are defined by nature’s first-principles. Robert Reich’s approach to change is doomed. As doomed as many other politicians who were once at the helm of governmental power, realize how broken it is, and now appeal to the fallacy of a democracy to make change happen.

Real Change

The answer to fundamental change is really simple. Establish a human theory first to which all systems humanity deploys must comply. Then, and only then, do you define the rules that maintain the trust in the system.

We do not need a democratic victory to define a human theory. We need leadership from the discovery of a new normalization of truth, that deploys -for the first time- a real system of capitalism with -again, for the first time- the theory of humanity embedded. In the same way, sports federations establish the theory of the game before the game is played.

I like Robert and have reached out to him to chat. Until then, I cannot support the false positivity and false hope he spreads to his Reich of young and innocent people, or to the public in general.

The sign of an intelligent nation is its willingness and ability to reinvent itself, upstream. Let’s inspire the world with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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