Health Insurance Is Not The Problem

Georges van Hoegaerden
Georges van Hoegaerden
Founder, Author, and Managing Director of methodEVA.

All roads to America’s embarrassing and compounding problems, no intelligent government should seek to imitate, in the words of Albert Einstein, lead to the lack of a natural human theory that determines what can be discovered about our health.

Manmade Mess

The lack of such a theory perpetuates misplaced ideologies, broken systems, ballooning post-mortem regulations, and bad outcomes I have written about extensively in policy, capital, and innovation, and also breeds acute cancer in the attention and care of ourselves.

Six years ago, I wrote about why healthcare in the United States is neither about health nor care. Technology companies should stay away from the convoluted mess of healthcare and, given the lack of genuine leadership and fortitude of government, focus on wellness, the cause of health, instead.

I now submit that health insurance is not insurance and should not be allowed to operate under that false premise.

Ballooning Apathy

America’s greatest pride, laissez-faire freedom, which I refer to as the stupidity of rights without commensurate obligations, induces denial of personal responsibility for wellness and leads to chronic dependence on the care for the health of 70% “walking-dead”. Imagine what would happen to the car insurance business if we no longer require driver’s licenses, causing 70% of drivers to get into car accidents daily. It would be just as out of control as the health insurance business. We cannot insure ourselves against freedom without paradoxical obligations.

We are poised to add the mushy state of mental health to the ever-growing pile of insurance claims. Anyone inclined to take our nanny-state for a glorious ride can now claim the inability to deal with depression, the need to be coddled in secured safe spaces, and protected from hurtful free speech as personal problems we must all share.

I predict the endless claims of grownup children blaming their parents while playing games in a metaverse all-day, in arguably the freest country in the world, for who they truly are or void of discipline have become.

Fight Entropy

Thankfully, life is a struggle.

Entropy is defined by Richard Feynman as the irreversible decline of available energy in the universe and on our planet, forcing us to do more with less. It requires a wonderful and necessary struggle because it prepares those who embrace and overcome it to adapt to nature’s entropy. Acknowledging nature’s entropy sets a compass and a vector quite different from the one we deploy today in healthcare and elsewhere. The survival of any species is predicated and how well it adapts to the change nature bestows upon it.

The laws of nature dictating human efficacy and longevity force us to be strong rather than weak, in terms of the composite of human attributes. Those laws force us to practice the artful skill of dependence, rather than to engage in the aloof ambiguity of independence. They teach us how to relate, and not depend on the regurgitation of our weaknesses, but on the complementary value of our strengths. To appreciate our differences more than our commonalities and to continually expand the fractal of collective human ingenuity to deal with the many curveballs nature throws our way.

Nature Rules

The lack of understanding by our government to even acknowledge nature’s first-principles to formulate a single overarching theory for humanity causes the creation of laissez-faire human constructs that are incompatible and in blatant violation of how nature dictates and regulates evolutionary excellence.

Simply put, we cannot insure ourselves against the systematic rejection of nature’s principles. We cannot insure ourselves against systemic human ignorance. We cannot insure ourselves against the endless hall-passes of human apathy.

Health insurance will not improve and be made more cost-effective by coming up with a new construct that aims to serve as a band-aid to the undesirable outcomes we can all witness today. The cause, not the consequence, of why the overwhelming majority of humans are chronically dependent on doctors and medicine to stay alive must be tackled.

Wide-spread depression, loneliness, lack of opportunity, as I describe ad nauseam with embarrassing statistics disproving American excellence are clear signals we have not built a human theory that determines what should and could be discovered.

New Method

We have created a loosy-goosy society like a business without a business plan. Those who see the holes take advantage of them. Those who can suppress and enslave others will. Those who can sell make-believe to greater-fools will. Those who can sell pump and dump schemes will. Those who can make you believe you are not worthy will. We have become masters of a humanitarian game nature does not pay any homage.

To improve health insurance, we must ask why the human body, designed to combat entropy over some 100,000 years of evolution, now requires a daily drip of medicine for so many of us. Despite and because of our riches, we have devolved into an arrogant and ignorant species thinking we, not nature, determine the future of humanity. A big mistake.

I have developed the methodology to recalibrate humanity to nature. And unless we deploy that methodology across all the disciplines of policy, capital, and innovation in a way that fundamentally improves human adaptability, we are doomed way sooner than we ought to be.

The sign of an intelligent nation is its willingness and ability to reinvent itself, upstream. Let’s inspire the world with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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