Why Care About Entropy?

Georges van Hoegaerden
Georges van Hoegaerdenhttps://www.methodeva.com/georges/
Founder, Author, and Managing Director of methodEVA.

A debate with a friend inspired this article. A friend who, at first, could not understand why I focus on the curse of entropy seemingly so far in the future. Until I explained.

Why Care?

Why do I care about things that may not affect me personally, is the implied correlary? Why not just enjoy myself, and live a life free of concern for what comes next? Why bother changing the world? Why not just ride the bandwagon of capitalism? Why not fill my pockets from another startup, date hot women, and consume until I pass out or away? Why spend my own money on issues humanity as a whole is not trained to care about? Why bother?

The lure of this kind of solipsism does not even tempt me. I have had my share of and fill with hollow fun in a marriage where the degree of mindless consumption was never enough. I have stayed in almost every fancy hotel and have eaten at every nice restaurant imaginable. I enjoyed those experiences for what they are and still do on occasion. But I can no longer live a life of being comfortably numb to the systemic humanitarian debacles I discovered we have created for ourselves.

I must give more than I take, and live a life of meaning.


Ever since I put my wonderful daughter in this world, I have thought about how to prevent her from becoming a cog in the wheel of humanitarian make-believe, stuck in preprogrammed conformance to “systems” of mediocrity turning innocent children into Stockholm-syndrome believers.

I feel that fiduciary obligation for every child, their free spirits soon to be crushed by impregnated tricks to outwit and outsell greater fools. We must begin to recognize and admit the foregone conclusions crafted by our forefathers are grossly outdated and fundamentally flawed, as spelled out by the real geniuses of our species, Richard Feynman and Albert Einstein half a century ago.

Back to entropy.


Using the definition of Richard Feynman, entropy is the irreversible decline of available energy in our universe and consequently on our planet. The effects of which invalidates every mention or pursuit of sustainability humanity prefers to revel in.

Sustainability, from the discovery of how nature works, does not exist. This should lead us to toss financial programs like ESG, dictating the fractal of human expansion hinging on sustainability, right into the trash. And yet, even with the surprising lucidity and defiance of the SEC, Congress, in blissful ignorance, keeps debating how to enact the false positive of sustainability. Many humans have lost their minds.

The point I am making here is that the vector and theory of humanity, in the words of Albert Einstein, determines what can be discovered. The nature of entropy invalidates sustainability, debunks laissez-faire, enforces plurality, implies relativity, and invalidates all manmade constructs.

Entropy affects us today and tomorrow. The steadfast denial of entropy is responsible for humanity’s accelerated regression.

Change Course

When the vector of human expansion and excellence is wrong, as the denial of nature’s entropy infers, every step along the way to a diverging manmade objective is wrong. And we, in the United States of America, have been setting a bad example for the rest of the world of how to improve human excellence as measured by the only factor that determines our future. Nature.

In the land of a blind world, the United States is the one-eyed king. Yet, the denial of the proper vector of human expansion and excellence affects us today, as I have highlighted here in 1,617 articles ad nauseam. Humanity must acknowledge its goals are flawed and, if not quickly recalibrated to nature, will destroy, not improve, our future.

The denial of entropy affects not just tomorrow but has already limited our past and present. The renewable excellence of humanity is dependent on our adherence to nature’s first-principles. We can and must improve human adaptability to nature’s entropy, rapido, to create a better world today and tomorrow.

The sign of an intelligent nation is its willingness and ability to reinvent itself, upstream. Let’s inspire the world with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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