We Built The Wrong World For Ourselves

Humanity has not evolved much from the ancient battles of survival between groups of great apes.

Great Apes

From fighting and eradicating bipod cousins, such as Neanderthals, we, as arguably the most intelligent animals ever lived, now even fight our own species residing in countries divided by artificial borders. The granularity of those battles steadily increases downstream to include the biases of race, sex, or other distinctive features. And then we combat people with the greatest dog-and-pony show on earth, the fight club of our political affiliations blissfully detached from evolutionary relevance.

We have truly become rebels without a cause. We are not just standing still, but we regress in a spiral of self-adulating supremacy, moving in the opposite direction of progress.

Rebuttals such as how much longer we live compared to the middle ages, almost double the average age, are actually false positives to the evolution of the human species. Not the length of our individual “sustainability”, a nonexistent concept in the universe anyways, but the quality of renewal defines the evolutionary excellence of a species. How it adapts to nature’s entropy, the irreversible decline of available energy, determines the lifespan of a species.

Evolution Rules

Hence, how we each live a life of strength is evolutionary more important than a life of length, the length of life a consequence of regenerative strength at its cause.

With seventy percent of Americans chronically dependent on prescription drugs to make it through another day, it is not hard to envision how far we have slid down the slippery slope of the rabbit hole of laissez-faire freedom we created for ourselves. Such is the outcome of not having established a theory, a clearly stated objective for humanity, that drives the behavior and achieves our evolutionary expectations in lock-step with nature’s first-principles.

Our territorial disputes, whatever the granularity, show how we use intelligence to empower grandiose navel-staring. It also shows how our self-interest obliterates our collective interests as a species. E Pluribus Unum, “out of many, one”, engraved on most American currency, long forgotten.

Nature does not care who you are, what you look like, or where you are from. Therefore, all we should care about is how each individual contributes to the evolutionary excellence of our species, if capable. Nature supports a meritocracy not defined by man or me but by the consistent adherence to nature’s first principles.

Think Different

To improve the future of humanity, we must learn how to think, not what to think.

How to think finds its roots in the study of nature. A subject no schools today pay any mind to. Most curricula regurgitate hindsight and promise yet fail to extrapolate to foresight that breaks the norm. Our children are given the false confidence the acquisition of knowledge spawns commensurate imagination. Knowledge sold as intelligence opens the doors to a society that cannot tell the difference.

Significant evolutionary advantages can be achieved by the study of nature that reveals new and higher normalizations of truth upstream all too easily discarded as false negatives of inconvenient and foregone truths. The future of humanity is bright when we establish a higher-order agenda for humanity, with a theory embedded in real systems to produce predictable improvements consistent with nature’s seventeen billion-year-old first-principles.

The recalibration of human excellence from higher-order thinking requires our President and Congress to stop acting like referees of aging and failing human constructs detached from a renewable human theory. They must begin to show real leadership from the discovery of a new normalization of truth. They must understand not the amalgam of human wants, as the misguided outcome of democracy, but the needs of humanity as defined by nature determine the excellence of human renewal.

We have done the hard thinking that can make humanity proud of its future again.

The sign of an intelligent nation is its willingness and ability to reinvent itself, upstream. Let’s inspire the world with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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