The State Of Tinkering

When I listen intently to the State of the Union, performed by our current President Joe Biden, it does not escape to me how many things in The United States do not and have never worked as advertised. An issue pointed out with a heavy dose of humor by the television show Saturday Night Live a while ago, and by me in more serious analysis.

The widespread smoke of the abuses of the supposed free-market mechanisms indicates a massive fire burning. Joe Biden’s feverish attempts to remove all the smoke does not extinguish the fire. The fire will simply produce more smoke over time. The fire stems from the ignorance of a higher normalization of truth that could yield a viable human theory that determines what can be discovered in the words of Albert Einstein.

Other countries do not fare any better, as they copy the American model sold to them as the best thing since sliced bread. A poor copy, as they do not own the world’s reserve currency by which they can modulate inflation. They also cannot rein in the bad actors on the world stage to play fair. It is never a good idea to relinquish independent thinking for the sake of following someone else. Life is hard when you follow.

As I now listen to Federal Reserve Chief Jerome Powell testify before Congress, the efforts of statesmen trying to look smart as they attempt to achieve groundbreaking foresight from the extrapolation of financial hindsight is astounding and scary. Scary because Congress, not the President, makes law from the misplaced inference of consequence leading to cause.

We already suffocate under reams of legislation from a human theory, a “gameplan”, left undefined. A hopeless endeavor, as rules do not infer a theory. The lack of expertise in two hundred years of downstream evolution from human constructs run amok, feigns to support the American people. The lack of a game plan for humanity is as harmful as a business without a business plan, understood or scripted.

By any President to date, the State of the Union reminds me how the belief in a flat world does not jive with it being round. You cannot tinker your way out of a flat-world predicament with legislation to make it appear round. The mess we have created comes from a similarly outdated normalization of truth, that the efficacy of humanity and the State of our Union are defined by humanity.

They are not.

Let’s lead the world by example with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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