MacKenzie Scott’s $3.8B Naïveté

Everyone likes it when billionaires donate money, with charities and nonprofits eagerly lining up for a piece of the pie. And the press suggests more billionaires should follow in her footsteps. Please don’t.

Money does not equal merit.

Even Bernie Madoff was heralded in the press for his philanthropy, unbeknownst to the recipients dispensing money from his Ponzi-scheme “gains”. I am not comparing MacKenzie Scott’s efforts with Madoff’s, but as the ex-wife of Amazon’s former CEO, Jeff Bezos, she also acquired billions of dollars not of her own volition. And it shows.

Mackenzie just donated $3.8 Billion to 465 Charities, as she wrote in a blog on Medium, to help “everyone” she could think of, arguably.

By giving money, you lead a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink. Meaning, you do not solve the cause of the cascading dysfunction and inequity in society. You merely provide a temporal bandaid, a cover-up, rather than eradicate the disease. And no amount of money flushed down the toilet downstream will solve the causal problem from which the undesirable outcomes originate.

Sans Theory

The problem humanity faces is that it has not established a foundational theory for humanity, in compliance with nature’s principles, that would systemically avoid and eradicate most of our many manmade problems. And without the establishment and implementation of a human theory, you simply cannot expect desirable outcomes from constructs of a gameplan left undefined.

Put differently, if I put twenty people on a grassy field and throw a ball in the middle, it is unlikely those people will produce a soccer game worth watching unless I first establish the theory, systems, and then rules of soccer. We do not have a theory for humanity that abides by nature’s first-principles, and thus we do not produce outcomes that benefit the evolutionary renewal and excellence of humanity as judged by nature.

Comfortably Numb

It is very unwise and naïve for MacKenzie to donate money to the compounding undesirable consequences from a cause unbeknownst to her, for it dulls the quest and urgency for pursuing a cause. Her giving-while-alive pledge promotes the false-positivity of purported repair while the source of undesirable outcomes remains unaddressed and growing.

MacKenzie is outright wrong and uninformed about how the constructs designed by humanity cannot be corrected by humanity. Reinvention from an existing norm always starts with discovering a new and higher normalization of truth. A new normalization of nature’s truth invalidates foregone conclusions and prior downstream dependencies and redraws the rivers of human efficacy.

New Truth

A new normalization of truth derived from nature is much simpler and more reliable than attempting to correct the many undesirable outcomes from an outdated and invalidated truth. The lies from foregone truth invalidated by discovering new realities forces you to remember everything. Telling a better version of the causal truth does not.

Four and a half billion years of evolutionary consistency on our planet have revealed new truths. Truths we applied to the practice of science but not to the way we manage ourselves. A glaring omission. We have yet to deploy a human theory that abides by nature. Nature, not humanity, judges how we fare.

The burden of proof lies with the manmade fabrications we deploy today. Fabrications of popular human constructs in blatant violation of nature’s first-principles. What could possibly go wrong?

Solipsism Be Damned

The evolutionary excellence of humanity is not defined by humanity. It is defined by the first-principles of nature we know quite a bit more about than one hundred years ago. Human constructs have not adapted to the discovery of that new reality, and human ingenuity and capacity have been constrained by constructs of totalitarian absolutism, which some call globalization, where relativity is required.

Humanity still deploys flat-world systems to manage a round world, as if Albert Einstein’s and Richard Feynman’s discoveries never happened.

Humanity has never had a theory by which to manage itself into a dynamic and renewable equilibrium with nature. Until I, frustrated by the mediocrity I saw unfold ten years ago, discovered how to define and implement such a theory. The answer to the cause of human inequity and our stifling inability to adapt to nature’s entropy comes not from me but directly from nature. It benefits not me personally, but it benefits humanity.

Humanity can change the world we created for ourselves. As long as we are humble enough to realize our future depends solely on how we abide by nature’s game plan. Anything else is manmade foolery.

The sign of an intelligent nation is its willingness and ability to reinvent itself, upstream. Let’s inspire the world with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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