Nature First

You may have heard the slogan “America first.” Forget politics. Authentic leadership comes from recognizing a higher normalization of truth that not humanity but nature comes first.


The notion that the excellence of humanity is defined by society is incredibly solipsistic. No less egocentric than in the olden days believing the sun moved around the earth. Or that the 4,200 gods we made ourselves believe in for fear of death all have our personal interests in mind. Can you not see through the ploy that religion is just a way for some self-anointed people to get the upper hand over others? No less solipsistic than believing GDP defines the excellence of humanity.

Our stubborn beliefs are increasingly disproven by the study of nature and by our inadequate response to the curve balls nature throws our way.


We now know humans are irrelevant in a universe consisting of 100 billion galaxies, each with 400 billion stars like our sun. One thousand years after humanity has gone extinct, nature will have erased we ever existed. There is no evidence for the existence of a god, let alone thousands. We are made out of stardust, with one star dying every second in an ever-expanding universe. The likelihood we will meet aliens is close to zero.

The point is nature is all we have. And the more we study the way nature deploys its rule, the longer we live as a species. Humans must understand how nature works and play nature’s game or perish. Nature mothers us. We do not mother nature.


Human intelligence can be an asset or a liability. The liability of intelligence is belief; the asset of intelligence is the proof of reason.

Nobel Prize winners Richard Feynman and Albert Einstein discovered things about nature we have yet to deploy to manage humanity. For roughly one hundred years, we have managed to ignore their discoveries of relativity and entropy in all but the catacombs of science. None of the constructs to manage humanity today incorporate their discoveries, a costly mistake.

We can dramatically improve our adherence to nature’s gameplay by putting a stop to solipsism and paying attention to how nature presents itself to us. If we really care about nature and the dependence of humanity on it, we must replace our outdated constructs with applications of proven discoveries from the geniuses that came before us.


Today, our best proxy of understanding nature invalidates many of the engrained precepts and constructs humanity has popularized to manage itself.

For two hundred years we went down the wrong rabbit hole, making it hard for those depending on that compass to admit their mistakes. I get it, we fed our families on perpetuating those frozen beliefs. Yet, leadership is the ability to admit we were wrong, and to establish a higher normalization of truth as the basis for a better future.

For the sake of humanity, we must get ourselves out of the rabbit hole of ignorance and solipsism. We must, for the first time and regardless of where we live, develop, deploy and embed a theory compatible with nature in the systems of policy, capital, and innovation to drive the excellence of human renewal.

Nature’s first-principles will always remain first. Humanity’s interpretation is long overdue in becoming an infinitely expanding close second.

The sign of an intelligent nation is its willingness and ability to reinvent itself, upstream. Let’s inspire the world with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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