Democracy Is The Opiate Of The People

President Biden’s speech today to commemorate the attack on our Capitol on January the 6th of 2021 gave the sore losers committing violence more credit than they deserve.

Force always attracts men of low morality.

Albert Einstein


Democracy is not under attack by a few mobsters who disagree with the populous, democracy is under attack by what we now know to be the first-principles of evolution. And since the excellence and longevity of the human race is subjugated to nature’s first-principles, the unwillingness to challenge democracy causes humanity to rapidly lose evolutionary excellence.

The belief in the value of a democracy without evolutionary evidence to support such belief is similar to the effect of consuming an opiate. A suspension of disbelief turned self-serving euforia in which the innocent greater-fools of society become addicted to the escapism of nature’s reality.

The grand-scale escapism of reality that not human wants determine the excellence of humanity, but a closer adherence to the first-principles of nature, evolutionary needs, dictate human excellence.

Missing Theory

Democracy is not a system from which an expected outcome can be derived or expected. Because a system requires the apriori establishment of a theory we have yet to define. And without a theory that converts a selection of input into the desired output, you cannot establish a system responsible for the performance of that conversion.

A theory that defines the evolutionary objectives for humanity must precede the definition of a system that drives its performance. As in the theory of combustion defining the design of a system of an engine converting gasoline into torque.

New Gameplay

The excellence of humanity is not predicated on the opinion of the populous, for nature does not care about whether we agree with its principles (we describe in our masterclass) and every system humanity invents must adhere to.

Nature’s first-principles are undeniably enforced, and we must understand and play our best version of nature’s game to adapt to the curve-balls of entropy nature throws our way. The irreversible decline of available energy caused by entropy should increase the urgency to reevaluate our systems and our democracy even more.

New Truths

The truth Biden refers to in reference to the U.S. constitution, established by our forefathers, is no longer the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth as we know it today. In fact, many concepts in the constitution are grandiose evolutionary lies.

We must dig ourselves out of the morass of a constitution Thomas Jefferson suggested should be rewritten every thirty years, with a form of democracy hinging on nature’s first-principles that instead of perpetuating the rat-race of personal vile-maxims produces outcomes (like Singapore’s) that improve the outlook for all of humanity.

Let’s lead the world by example with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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