We Have Bigger Problems Than Climate Change

Georges van Hoegaerden
Georges van Hoegaerdenhttps://www.methodeva.com/georges/
Founder, Author, and Managing Director of methodEVA.

Climate Change is serious business and not a hoax we can ignore. But our approach to deal with it is fundamentally flawed.

Entropy Rules

Our first step should be to assume we can do nothing about climate change, despite long-overdue efforts to curb decades of soiling of the planet. Do not confound downside protection with the pursuit of new upside breaking the norm.

Like all change, humanity is subject to entropy. Nobel Prize Physicist Richard Feynman described entropy as the irreversible decline of available energy in the universe and our planet. And thus, our response to climate change should be for humanity to adapt to whatever nature bestows upon us. To comprehend and acknowledge nature’s first-principles and to adhere. Systemically.

Adapt First

How will we deal with rising water levels? How will we deal with storms? How will we deal with the rising and falling temperatures? How will we deal with viruses? How will we deal with the earth slowly wobbling away from the sun, poised to get colder? How will we deal with impending population decline? How will we deal with greater amplitudes of change? How will we deal with the oscillating amplitudes strengthening each other?

Human adaptability to all forms of nature’s entropy should be our first and foremost concern. A higher-order normalization of truth the United Nations with its conference, COP26, with new monetary pledges about to be stuffed through our failing systems, completely missed the boat on.

Change Second

We must begin to subjugate human morals, theory, and systems to the first-principles of nature and eradicate the rebels without an evolutionary cause that permeate our society. We can do so by simply redirecting the compass of humanity and improving the rigors of excellence capable of inspiring the world.

Today, humanity lacks an evolutionary theory, turning systems that are not into solipsistic foolery that makes the most intelligent animal ever lived to appear the dumbest. Without said theory, or another theory incompatible with nature’s first-principles, throwing money at the problems we face will do no more good than putting band-aids on the open wounds of a cancer patient.

The Theory

Systems thinking is not enough, as a system depends on a theory that uses a selection of input to produce the desired output. Hence, we cannot fundamentally improve our response to climate change, or any entropic change, without first designing and implementing a theory of humanity compatible with nature’s first-principles. I spent the last eights years doing so, and explaining nature’s principles I now teach.

Two hundred plus years of running down the wrong rabbit hole have created ballooning dysfunction and flawed expectations harming the evolutionary excellence and strengthening of humanity. Thankfully, my discovery requires no scorched earth approach to put humanity back on a track compatible with nature’s evolution. Nature does not pause the effects of entropy for us to reach consensus, for the adherence to nature’s principles is not elective and up for debate.

A denial of nature’s first-principles is humanity’s not nature’s battle to lose.

Ignorant Solipsism

Solipsism is the most prominent problem humanity faces that in self-aggrandizing fanfare suggests the world is in our hands. It is not.

Humans are mere passengers on an evolutionary ride we do not control. The world has existed for 4.5 billion years and will for another 3.5, with or without us. When humanity goes extinct too busy fighting over who is best suited to mother nature, the world will soldier on without a trace we ever existed in about 1,000 years. Just like 99% of other species once living on earth have already disappeared without a trace.

The only way for humanity to live as long as humanly possible is to use our intelligence to glean a human theory from nature’s theory. To adhere to nature’s first-principles and to realign and incentivize the outcome of all human activity towards our adaptability to nature’s entropy.

Change is easy, if you are willing to let go of humanity’s incessant solipsism that systematically ignores and obfuscates nature’s truth and rule. It is time for a new human dawn.

The sign of an intelligent nation is its willingness and ability to reinvent itself, upstream. Let’s inspire the world with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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