COP26: Systems Thinking Is Not Enough

Georges van Hoegaerden
Georges van Hoegaerden
Founder, Author, and Managing Director of methodEVA.

I’ve been following the United Nations (U.N.) COP26 conference from a safe distance. Not to want to be associated with the depravity of reason, from the misplaced fanfare of confounding climatic cause and consequence.

Failure Guaranteed

I have heard almost everything COP26 broadcast on YouTube last week and a few dribbles this week. My patience is wearing thin for the grave depravity of reason I consistently detect.

The U.N. keeps pushing the vector of sustainability that forms a guaranteed collision course with nature’s entropy. They are evolutionary uninformed.

There is not a chance in hell the U.N. will succeed in fundamentally improving humanity’s response to the effects of climate change. The efforts of the U.N. may lead to a temporal slowdown of the anthropogenic deterioration of our planet. A poor man’s response to the seriousness we face.

The efforts of the U.N. are best described by a company underperforming because its business plan is flawed. And the only way to repair the business is to normalize the business plan to a higher and unprecedented normalization of truth.

Today the efforts of the U.N. are attempts to improve the sales and marketing efforts of the business without changing the business plan. As a former CEO and former venture capitalist, I know all too well, pumping more money into a flawed business plan is a terrible idea. So is the use of pledges without fundamental change.


You see, systems thinking requires the prerequisite development of a theory embedded in those systems, which in turn requires the adherence to prerequisite first-principles. First-principles not conjured up by humanity but derived from nature’s first-principles.

Like so:

Nature’s first-principles => Human Theory => Systems => Rules => Enforcement

As I describe in detail in my masterclass like so:

Insane Asylum

The authoritarian rule of nature cannot be supported by elective representation of do-gooders. Instead, the government must be held responsible for building a human theory from nature’s irrefutable first-principles. It must use an evolutionary meritocracy to attach monetary incentives to the conformance to those principles and heavily tax initiatives that do not. It can do so without constitutional change.

The U.N. is running an insane asylum of activists who forget that as long as certain practices are not verboten, and the public will keep buying furniture and cotton clothes requiring tons of water, they are wasting their time. You cannot stop the water from the rain that has already fallen, so to speak.

Wasting Time And Money

Building systems detached from and violating nature’s first-principles, as the U.N. is doing, is a waste of time and money from the member countries better used to systematically change the behavior of its citizens to comply with nature preemptively. To slow down human soiling and adapt not just to climate change but to many compounding forms of entropy nature throws our way.

Calling U.N. statisticians scientists is an abomination of the true value of science, the stubborn avoidance of the chase for a new normalization of truth that can change humanity for the better. The regurgitation of hindsight by statisticians will not map to foresight that breaks the norm. The sum of human wants does not equate to the sum of human needs. And human needs are not defined by humanity but by nature.


Hence, any strategy to deal with climate change, both preemptively and from an adaptability perspective, cannot be detached from nature’s first-principles.

It is painful to see this COP26 dog-and-pony show attract so many people, including country leaders, who perhaps sincerely want to improve the world. They are hopelessly relegated to the discombobulated trappings of the U.N.’s over-complicated and downstream pretense of change.

It is high time to deploy a new theory for humanity, yielding a new operating system for humanity, for the first time in sync with nature’s principles (I teach in my masterclass).

The sign of an intelligent nation is its willingness and ability to reinvent itself, upstream. Let’s inspire the world with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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