COP-Out Of UNchange

I am all for lowering the temperature of a cancer patient to ease discomfort. That is how I describe the efforts deployed by the twenty-sixth United Nations (U.N.) Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, referred to as COP26.


Unlike the twenty-five thousand people attending the conference, I am not a nurse who eases the discomfort. I am a proverbial doctor who studies the causal disease and comes up with preventive measures. So, I stay away from the fanfare of UNchange, pun intended, sold as change.

The real problem humanity faces is the reluctance of leaders to deal with the causal reasons for two-hundred-year-old ignorance of nature’s reality. In case you forgot, nature, not humanity, determines the excellence and longevity of the human species.

So, how come the most intelligent species ever lived has never adopted nature’s first-principles, let alone figured out what they are?


Our planet, like everything else in our universe, is subject to entropy. The opposite of sustainability.

For the United Nations to push sustainability strategies and sustainable financial programs, like ESG, etc., is the glaring admission they know nothing about nature. Billions of dollars are being raised to pursue human objectives incompatible with nature, a predicament worse than ignoring nature altogether—good money after bad.

Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of a cancer cell.

Edward Abbey, Environmentalist (1927-1989)

Described as the irreversible decline of available energy by Nobel Prize Physicist Richard Feynman, entropy is the inductor of all change. Entropy is the cause of aging. Entropy is the ultimate cause of climate change. Many forms of entropy produce waves of interfering amplitudes spiking and dipping into slow yet methodical decay. Slow as in 3.5 billion years on our planet, with homo sapiens in a non-animalistic state only for about 5,000 years.

On planet earth’s current lifespan, the length of your arm, 4.5 billion years, human existence is the mere thickness of your fingernail. We are irrelevant to the evolution of planet earth, as the planet will recover from whatever we do to it in about one thousand years. Hence, not the survival of our planet is at stake, but the survival of the human species in a dynamic equilibrium with nature.


To lead is not to herd cows into the populism of coagulating wants but to rally a vision and execution along the vector of an unprecedented and thus unpopular normalization of truth. The new normalization that nature, not humanity, defines the excellence and longevity of the human species.

Real leadership requires the identification of nature’s first-principles, the establishment of a human theory derived from those principles, the embedding of the theory into a system converting a selection of input into the desired output, and finally, the establishment of rules to protect the integrity and trust in the theory recursively.

Real leadership does not rely on or require the consensus of democracy. Neither does the creation and efficacy of a business plan in an outstanding business. Nature’s authoritarian rule cannot be supported by elective representation. We must begin to implement constitutional values that abide by nature’s first-principles.

The stampede of populism at yet another conference indicates the regurgitation of human wants, not the alignment to human needs. The past sixty years of activism have shown no inflection point in the reversal of CO2 emissions.

Missing Theory

Attached to a holier than thou two-hundred-year-old U.S. constitution of rights without obligations, our leaders have failed to define and implement the preceding evolutionary theory for humanity in compliance with nature’s theory. What could possibly go wrong?

The theory determines what can be discovered.

Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

A constitution Thomas Jefferson admitted should have been completely rewritten, upstream, every thirty years. We never have. We only let it dribble downstream into endless suboptimizations and stare decisis of stale truths while adding endless wishlists inducing reams of cascading legislation attempting to infer a theory with the accountability of dining room etiquette.

The U.S. Constitution should have been preceded by an evolutionary theory that then formed the rights and rules we should abide by today. Thankfully, our constitution is so full of holes, plenty of fundamental change can be induced without touching the constitution.

Human Change

Our focus should not be on climate but on our systemic behavior that changes our relationship with the environment. We must be ready to adapt to all forms of nature’s entropy at all times. Meaning, we must build systems for humanity to begin to adhere to nature’s gameplay. I explain how in my masterclass.

The lack of a human theory over the last two hundred years compatible with nature’s first-principles is why the vector of human expansion conflicts with the vector of nature’s entropy, evidenced by the idiotic references to sustainability nonexistent in nature. Nothing in the universe is sustainable.

Even renewal is ultimately regressive by nature’s entropy, let alone the principles of renewal, that can prolong the lifespan of the human species, fundamentally different from the suppositions of sustainability.

The operating-system of humanity must change for humanity to adapt to nature’s entropy systematically. And said operating system must therefore be subjugated to a new evolutionary theory for humanity, in turn, subjugated to the first-principles of nature.

Fix The Disease

Without addressing the cause of why and how humanity accelerates the destruction of the world we live in, the bandaids we put over the wounds of cancer we have caused may, in reference to the gating correlary of this article, suppress the temperature of the patient but will not keep cancer away.

As long as our leaders do not address their governmental responsibility to define and abide by a higher normalization of an evolutionary theory for the first time in sync with nature, preceding the systems and rules we put in place, nothing will change. And COP26 is bound to go into the history books as yet another misplaced attempt by humanity to fix nature and be punished for it.

The sign of an intelligent nation is its willingness and ability to reinvent itself, upstream. Let’s inspire the world with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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