United States Goddam

My frustration with the state of humanity is comparable to the raw emotions expressed by the late and great singer-songwriter Nina Simone (1933-2003) in her song “Mississippi goddam.”


My particular frustration is not racist, as I lived with black women for the last twenty-five years to know better. My disappointment comes from the dysfunctional constructs we sell to ourselves as human excellence, those constructs producing quite the opposite of human excellence, including allowing segregation to be reintroduced into our society.

Nina Simone’s record, produced in 1964, was smashed and returned to sender after radio stations refused to play the song that in no uncertain terms explained how southern states needed to clean up their racist act.

I received similar amounts of resistance from still dominant oligarchic vestiges worldwide, as all pursuits of truth tend to induce. I outreason world-renowned bankers easily, who running out of ammo then attempt to attack me personally. Unlike Nina Simone, I break no sweat over such defiance. Their lack of proximal development is not mine.

I will not retreat, for humanity deserves better than to be held hostage by systems of excellence that are not.


Just like the southern states had to clean up their act under legislation to eradicate segregation, the government of the United States needs to clean up its act with regards to the operating systems of humanity. Upstream.

American “excellence” evolving downstream from the frozen scripture of our constitutional bible has produced a litany of broken systems, giving excellence a whole new meaning.

Broken Systems

We live in a Disney World of sorts, where we keep cheering on and inventing new Mickey Mouse characters, promulgating an endless string of evolutionary false positives and promises to retain their stature, costumes, and jobs.

The rest of the world, in awe of our nebulous GDP leaderboard position, never mind our debt, has copied our systems in mind-numbing governmental insomnia.

Purview Matters

Success is relative, like all things in nature are.

Success in Disney World is an escapism of reality. When it comes down to paying, Disney money is -unlike cryptocurrency– just like real money, which is the exchange of trust for products or services rendered. A manmade construct that given our current systems in violation of nature’s principles has a numbing effect on evolutionary excellence. It need not be so.

Let’s not be too full of ourselves and instead repeat a few facts about America’s evolutionary “excellence” currently used as the blueprint for humanitarian excellence across the world:

  • The United States is the second most obese country in the world, with 40,000 people dying from obesity every month(!).
  • 57% of kids will be obese by 35 years old. 75% of applicants to the army today are considered unfit.
  • Seventy-percent of Americans are chronically dependent on prescription drugs, the vast majority on anti-depressants. 86% of healthcare cost is devoted to chronic diseases. 40% of Americans are prediabetic.
  • Only 50 million Americans of some 400 million live “health conscious” lives.
  • In 2020, nearly 70,000 people died from opioids, up 30%.
  • 41% of Americans spend more than half their income on rent. 60% are enslaved to a job that pays no more than $40K, insufficient to buy healthy food, take care of a family, or pay medical bills in America.
  • About 33% of people in the United States have debt in collections.
  • America spends $80B per year on the cost of imprisonment. While we are 5% of world’s population, we harbor 25% of the world’s prisoners. California spends more on incarceration than on high school education.
  • 15.8% of Americans are considered extremely poor. 25% of children in the public school system are on food support. 48 Million people live on food stamps. Childhood poverty costs the United States $1.03 trillion per year.
  • 57% Americans cannot afford $500. 55% of Americans have credit card debt.
  • We are 120th on the global participation rate of elections. Depending on election season, roughly 70% of the American public has disenfranchised itself from voting. Meaning, a President gets the buy-in from roughly only 16% of the population. Do not confound the opinion of any President with the sigh of the American people.
  • US national debt at $28 Trillion exceeds our GDP. A debt of $229K per taxpayer.

Humanity’s current performance is atrocious when you lift the recognition of excellence from the navel-staring on money to evolutionary excellence. And when you realize nature, not humanity, determines the longevity of the human species, it behooves humanity to play nature’s game, not the Disney World version we have created for ourselves.


It is a frequently used lament to blame specific individuals for misbehaving and out of self-interest only. Sure, bad actors exist and will always exist. The proper development of a system curtailed by rules and enforcement weeds those out.

I am not a big believer in conspiracy theories and quote Albert Einstein in this regard:

The theory determines what can be discovered

Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

Meaning, when you get unfortunate humanitarian outcomes like the ones described above, the theory embedded in a system is missing, ill-formed, or outdated. And because we have no overarching humanitarian theory, the constructs we built cannot yield the consistency of desirable outcomes. And they don’t, as the evidence shows.


The blame for the systemic humanitarian dysfunction lies with ill-formed human governance, just like in Nina Simone’s lament. A form of government that has not kept up and reinvented itself around what humanity has discovered.

Take this: Albert Einstein discovered one hundred years ago, everything in the universe revolves around relativity. To date, not a single “system” humanity deploys adheres to relativity. In different terminology, we still use flat-world systems to manage round-world evolutionary expansion.

Renewal Not Sustainability

Goddam. I am ashamed of the stultifying ignorance we sell to the world as human excellence.

So, yes, Nina, your legacy lives on. Like the southern states had to clean up their racial act, the United States now needs to clean up its humanitarian act.

We need a new theory of humanity driving operating-systems to perpetuate the excellence of human renewal, that will allow us to better preempt and adapt to nature’s entropy.

The time for repair of downstream sub optimizations of our standard operating procedures is over. It is time for displacement from renewal, for the first time, following nature’s first-principles.

More of the same will not save humanity from ourselves. We must establish a theory for humanity to abide by nature’s gameplay for a change. Or it will be “humanity goddam” next.

In the words of Nina, I mean every word of it.

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