Truth Is

The graphic above may lead you to believe you are entitled to your own version of the truth. As I explain in detail in Learn To Think, truth is relative instead of absolute. Its validity depends on the purview of the observer, and then some.


Einstein discovered one hundred years ago, everything in our universe revolves around relativity. For example, if I am sitting on a train, am I still, or am I moving? You are sitting still to the other passengers on the train, and you are moving to people on the platform. So, two truths can be valid at the same time.

Back to the graphic, from one person’s perspective, the truth appears as a six, and from the other, it appears as a nine. Both are right. The shape written on the floor resembles both a six or a nine, depending on the purview of the observer.


The normalization of our numeric system is the causal reason for recognizing either number from either side. If one of the observers had used a different version of the numeric system, as some languages still do, a single symbol would not represent a legible number to each observer. Hence, the normalization of truth both observers adhere to and comprehend delivers the duality of truth.

Simply put, in the pursuit of truth, given its innate relativity, first, the normalization of truth must be established and agreed upon before the validity of the purview of the observers can be evaluated.


In the above scenario, the normalization of truth must be the highest-order normalization of nature’s truth to yield any meaningful value and interpretation to the observer.

Put differently, if one observer would believe the earth is flat, the observer believing the earth is round could never achieve consensus or empathy for the other’s point of view.

My point is that truth is relative, but not simply in the eye of the beholder. It requires a correlation to our best proxy, a normalization, of nature’s truth to be deemed true. In the pursuit of truth, our truths are mere derivatives of nature’s truth. Proxies of understanding that expand as our understanding of nature expands.

Infinite Truth

Manmade truths are consequential to nature’s infinitely expanding causal truth. So, next time you proclaim to speak the truth, be mindful of the limited scope from which you derive said truth. And stop arguing when you are not using the same normalization of truth.

First, agree on the normalization of truth, then debate why your consequential purview of truth is more relevant than another.

The sign of an intelligent nation is its willingness and ability to reinvent itself, upstream. Let’s inspire the world with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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