Shame On Congress And Facebook

Georges van Hoegaerden
Georges van Hoegaerden
Founder, Author, and Managing Director of methodEVA.

Today, after I first warned about Cheating Platforms 13 years ago, I watched the October the 5th whistleblower interview of Frances Haugen by the Senate lasting about three hours.

The Mess

My immediate response is how crucial it is for the United States to establish a new operating-system for humanity. Because when the theory of humanity is not clearly defined, we cannot expect the operators influencing the efficacy of humanity to be on the right track. What is the vector of humanity anyway?

I cringe when I hear Congress say they want to protect our children, and especially girls, in the United States when our education system is highly underfunded to produce excellence, we have 15.8% extreme poverty causing one third less brain capacity by the age five, underage trafficking is in full swing, 57% of kids will be obese by 35 years old, 75% of applicants to the army today are considered unfit, and forty-thousand (yes, 40,000) people die every month as a result of obesity.

Congress Failed

Pretty much all the non-digital constructs Congress let come to pass, fail, as I explain in a prior article. Way more people die in the United States from obesity than from the use of Facebook’s platforms. I suggest Congress look inward, first.

Facebook should be held to account. But that ignores the fact that sans technology, Congress is doing a pretty good job of messing up the country on its own accord. What account is Congress holding Facebook to? At what point in time are we going to realize and pay homage to Thomas Jefferson suggesting the constitution ought to be rewritten every thirty years?

The United States is like a business without a business plan, proud of the free-for-all that produces nothing but egregious vile maxims, at the expense of a growing middle class. Nobody knows what the marching orders of human excellence in the United States are, because we never defined them. And a business without a business plan cannot expect its employees to operate in conformance.

Facebook Failed

Facebook will not be fixed by transparency, or by oversight. As neither provides guidance to the issues that are rooted in long-overdue constitutional ommissions and inadequacies, also lacking a clear definition of freedom of speech. More rules do not make a theory, in the same way, correlation does not yield causation.

We must first acknowledge nature’s first-principles that dictate what companies we would like to build to secure the excellence of the human species, use those principles to define a human theory, embed the theory into a system, and then deploy rules to instill the collective trust in said theory.

Frances Haugen does a decent job of stating what Facebook does and how it does not have a grip on how to curtail bad things from happening on its platforms. Neither does Congress. If we apply Congress’ arguments against Facebook to itself we should also hold Congress accountable for all the (offline) crime in America.

False Inferences

Frances made a crucial mistake renowned forensic pathologist Henry Lee does not make, to infer a cause from consequence. Frances should not have inferred in her interview she can blame Facebook for the effects of bullying on the platform. I would suggest for her to read NYU professor, Jonathan Haidt’s book called The Coddling of The American Mind.

Our children do not belong to the state or to Facebook, they belong to their parents who are responsible for raising them. And when kids are overly sensitive to peer pressure, analog or digital, it means they lack the confidence that should have been instilled by the parents. You can take the phone out of your kids’ bedroom, you know. And talk to them during dinner. And be present in their lives.

Higher-order Cause

The mess we incur and force onto the world is not what so many proudly refer to as the downside of American freedom. In actuality, the mess we incur is the downside of our freedoms not subjugated to a theory of humanity that is supposed to promote and regenerate human excellence.

For fixing that, the operating system of humanity, you’ve come to the right place.

The sign of an intelligent nation is its willingness and ability to reinvent itself, upstream. Let’s inspire the world with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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