I Slam Prins William For Slamming Space Tourism

Prince William slams space tourism and says billionaires should focus on saving Earth. I one-up Prins William by slamming saving Earth for saving humanity.

The problem is not with Earth, which has existed for 4.5 billion years and will continue for another 3.5 billion years. Humanity’s outlook does not look so bright. The most intelligent animal ever lived is on a trajectory to live the shortest.

The real problem is that humanity has never developed a theory compatible with nature before I came along. Thus the expansion of human ingenuity does not make humans more adaptable to nature’s entropy.

Follow Nature’s Theory
Broken ideologies
Broken Constructs

And without a human theory compatible with nature’s first-principles, with systems that embed said theory, combined with paradoxical rules to instill collective trust in our humanitarian compass, not planet Earth will suffer, but humans will.

We must let go of the notion we Mother Earth. In reality, nature mothers us. Our problems are, as Prins William points out, right here on Earth, but as you can see from the slide above, they are human problems, not nature’s.

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