United Nations Broken SDGs

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are a hopeless disaster only the disciples of cheap karma bow down to.


First, because sustainability does not exist anywhere in the universe, flat-world suppositions meant to encircle a round world fall at least one dimension short of reality. SDGs are pre-Columbus wishes.

Never mind that no collection of mere goals can infer a theory. Such confounding of cause and consequence is indicative of the United Nations grave depravity of reason Nietzsche described so astutely about one hundred years ago. The same fundamental mistake they deploy on the topic of climate change. SDGs are rebels without a cause.

Normalize To Nature

Second, all of the major constructs humans deploy to induce human excellence are severely broken, as admitted by the world-renowned experts of those systems. The desired outcomes of the United Nations cannot be achieved through the causal constructs we have today.

We must install more brilliant leaders who understand we must establish a human theory derived from nature’s first-principles, embed the theory into a real system, and then deploy paradoxical rules to instill collective trust and compliance to the theory.

Sustainable Development Goals

Nature’s Logic

The United Nations SDG declaration is a rebel detached from a succinct humanitarian cause. One that has not and ought not to be followed by the United States. Humanity is not helped by the solipsism of false positives by which it thinks it can rule nature.

Nature rules us, you know. So, our wisdom should come from nature, not another solipsistic manmade theory steeped in flawed logic. And its grave depravity of reason will slow down, not help human adaptability to nature’s entropy.

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