The Slippery Slope From Sustainability Towards Renewal

As you should know from my writing, sustainability is an evolutionary oxymoron and an evolutionary false positive of life-threatening proportion. By nature’s irreversible entropy, described as the decline of available energy on our planet, sustainability does not exist.

Full stop.

The Slide

The awareness of that truth led some “leaders” to soften the absolutism of sustained growth by calling their efforts “more sustainable.” As if to suggest a toning down of absolutism delivers a more accurate proxy of relativity.

When that, too, does not compute, they refer to their sustainability efforts as cyclical based on renewal –as if the difference between sustainability and renewal is a mere linguistic tug of war.

In Truth

Nature’s first-principles dictate only renewal can lead to temporal proxies of sustainability. Meaning, renewal as a cause can lead to temporal sustainability as a consequence.

The confounding of consequence and cause leading, in the words of Nietzsche, to grave depravity of reason bears witness to the widespread misunderstanding of renewal and sustainability.

Simply put, you can only go from renewal to temporal proxies of sustainability by the asymmetry of nature’s entropy. You cannot go from sustainability to renewal. Sustainability is an unattainable evolutionary goal.

Non-Overlapping Magisteria

Any absolutism, with the promise of growth for the sake of growth, is by nature’s first principles incompatible with how life and the availability of resources and energy on our planet evolve.

Nature’s first-principles of renewal fundamentally differ from the suppositions inferred by sustainability. They lead to diametrically opposite vectors of human expansion and, in the case of sustainability, into a manmade dead-end street.

Flat Earthers

Sustainability as a goal is an outdated and disproven pre-Columbus flat-earth presumption, incompatible with the round world we live in. We must begin to abide by nature’s first-principles that dictate how human renewal can evolve in tune with nature’s dynamic equilibrium of change.

The flat-earthers who indiscriminately mix and toss around sustainability and renewability should be removed from the heavy responsibility of deciding on humanity’s evolutionary expansion.

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