Robinhood on ESG

Ethical investing according to stock-market broker Robinhood has taken off, whilst questioning what it actually means.

Say It Aint So

Connaisseurs and even the SEC realize there are as many versions of ESG as purveyors promoting their essence. Each of these investment firms using their own criteria of ESG worthy attributes to pad themselves on the back of how much they help the environment.

ESG means nothing if every firm has a different implementation of what ESG compliance means. Many firms are peppering their investment thesis with their preferred ESG terminology easily meeting the feigned growth of do-goodery in the investment world.

ESG is a sham

First, ESG hinges on sustainability, nonexistent anywhere in the universe. Second, we need not worry about our planet as much as the human impact on the planet. Meaning we must adapt our behavior to nature’s gameplay, not pretend nature needs our help. Third, only the strength of human renewal can lead to temporal proxies of human sustainability. Hence sustainability as a cause is a confounding of consequence and cause, leading, in the words of Nietzsche, to grave depravity of reason.


But let’s have some fun with Robinhood’s analysis of ESG. Here is their full analysis:

ABC, easy as…

How do you measure compliance to ESG when every investment firm can pick its own report card? ESG is like a religion, you get to pick your own imaginary friend and fight others over who’s version is right. All while nature deploys a single evolutionary theory.

Spell it out…

People use their ethics to guide investment choices, says Robinhood. Interesting, considering very few people understand evolutionary biology or Einstein’s relativity to make those ethics hold water. Go ahead, feign compliance to evolutionary ignorance you self-fabricate. It’s called recursive nonsense or writing your own report card.

Lean into green…

It is good to leave less of a mess in our environment behind. I would not take anything away from that. But to suggest an inference from carbon neutral to the reversal of climate change is to ignore the asymmetry of nature’s entropy, even John Kerry questions.

The Takeaway

ESG is utter make-believe, proven wrong by the first-principles of nature. A perhaps noble but misguided attempt by financiers to shore up their act, and reinvent themselves, short of a government asleep at the wheel of investment destruction defining the gameplay of humanity in compliance with nature.

The arbitrage of humanity is again held hostage by a newfound religion of finance incompatible with nature. And we should all be ashamed of ourselves for promulgating yet another investment theory incompatible with nature. If finance keeps pushing it may well be our last.

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