ESG Programs Fall Short

This title is the summary of an article published by Reuters yesterday. ESG sure does fall short: sustainability, upon which ESG hinges, does not exist anywhere in the universe.

No one should adopt ESG.

According to the article: “More than half of 530 corporate executives have little or no confidence in the reliability and maturity of their environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) programs, according to a global survey from corporate governance advocacy non-profit OCEG.”

ESG is a program invented by financiers, to each his own, who know nothing about nature’s entropy and the theory of general relativity falling at least one dimension short of reality and pointing the vectors of human expansion in the wrong direction.

Governing finance, the SEC has questioned the validity of ESG, and pension funds have not yet adopted ESG either. It is time to invent a renewable investment program, not based on manmade conjecture but based on nature’s principles.

Get a start here.

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