Artificial Intelligence Is Pervasive, It Lives In People Who Assume

As an avid reader, you will realize I am not a big proponent of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Not Intelligent

First, not just because, these days, every line of code is referred to as AI. Or a machine with a few sensors is suddenly called a robot, magically suggesting superior qualities of adaptability.

The second major gripe I have with AI is how artificial the definition of intelligence is in AI. For intelligence is knowing what to do in unprecedented scenarios no AI system provides today.

The third major gripe with AI you can derive from Learn To Think is that intelligence is defined as discovering a new normalization of truth that reorganizes the root structure of all prior decision-making. Discovery of new truths AI cannot deliver.

The fourth gripe with the love for AI is that intelligence is only useful when it helps humanity or individuals better adapt to nature’s entropy. And such adaptations, thankfully, come from many other attributes than intelligence.

The fifth gripe is that the people building AI technology today have a very sketchy reputation. All have built and made money from deploying totalitarian monisms for a world encircled by the plurality of relativity. Just imagine the devasting impact of robots treating us all as equal, spawning the accelerated demise of human evolution.

Killing Humanity

My point is that AI is misunderstood, mischaracterized, and misplaced, with the fuzzy logic of AI becoming an evolutionary false-positive capable of doing serious harm to humanity.

You may think the survival of the human species benefits from humanity being less exposed to danger, say, such as getting into a car accident. The opposite is true per nature’s first-principles.

Not the length of each human life on this planet is important, but the strength of humanitarian renewal is. Meaning, we must overcome struggle and challenges that allow us to adapt to nature’s entropy in the best way possible.

Your “full” self-driving Tesla is not your friend but your evolutionary foe. It turns humans into apathetic, lazy, and unchallenged robots, while the car as the robot is attempting to become human. Hopefully, for the excellence of the human species, neither succeeds.

AI Is Here Alright

As evidenced from the hordes of people ignoring today’s best normalizations of nature’s truth, AI has permeated plenty of human minds and provides the same false inferences from consequence to cause as technology systems.

The flat-earthers are the least worrisome among us. Today, I know of many scientists who commit major evolutionary infractions to get recognition and teach garbage to our children in top universities. We should be very concerned about financiers arbitrating the expansion of humanity who hobble after the buzzword of sustainability when sustainability does not exist anywhere in the universe. With evolutionary ignorance bliss, many of us walk the boulevard of broken ideologies.

In technical terms, Artificial Intelligence attempts to reverse the asymmetry from an ordered state to an unordered state, a process referred to as entropy. And any fool who thinks such reversal is possible or provides lasting evolutionary value does not only violate nature’s first-principles but will suffer the consequences from its infraction.

Make sure you rely less, not more, on AI if you and your offspring want to survive. Learn how to depend and interact with other people and become stronger in mind and body, as those traits have prevented the extinction of the human species in the first place and will continue to do so.

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