Jeffrey Sachs, The World’s Town Crier

I actually agree with quite a few observations by world-renowned economist Jeffrey Sachs and advisor to many country Presidents, including ours. But just because we may agree on consequences does not mean we agree on causation.

For example, I wholeheartedly agree with his comments about poverty in the U.S. I have written extensively. In the same way, I would have to agree with the facts spread by a town crier describing what happened in and around town before newspapers arrived on the scene.

But what happened does not infer the causation of why it happened, as you can gather from my article Learn To Think. Correlation does not infer causation. Worse, a confounding of consequence and cause, as the basis for problem-solving, leads to grave depravity of reason (Nietzsche).

We run into severe problems when we assign more merit to the town crier than the messenger of bad news deserves.

You see, the wishes of humanity do not define the excellence of humanity. The first-principles of nature define it. The solutions offered by Jeffrey Sachs are temporal because they bandage consequences rather than preempt the disease.

Happiness is no gauge of human efficacy in adapting better to nature’s entropy. The overcoming of struggles is. Sustainability and the stubborn pursuit of U.N. Sustainable Development Goals are evolutionary oxymorons putting humanity on the wrong track of evolutionary excellence.

Only the strength of renewal can produce a proxy of sustainability worth pursuing, with the rules for renewal diametrically opposite to the supposition of sustainability.

As the world’s town crier, Jeffrey Sachs plays an important role in exposing the uncomfortable truth that we humans allow ourselves to be held hostage by an unvetted and incompetent arbitrage of human excellence.

And for that, I thank him.

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