Humanity Deserves Better

Human ignorance with regard to our environment is logical. Humanity has not been forced otherwise. Soon we will be.

Have A Plan

You see, in the words of Einstein:

The theory determines what can be discovered.

Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

And when the theory of humanity is ill-defined, what can be discovered, according to Einstein’s wisdom, becomes even more ill-defined. A hodgepodge of bronze age vile maxims, everything for me and nothing for anyone else ensues, trashing everything and everybody that comes in its path.

Humanity cannot suddenly proclaim to care for nature when we do not first deploy the cause of our behavior with a human theory that respects and abides by nature’s first-principles.

A Bridge Too Far

Amidst big fanfare to solve sudden environmental emergencies, bandaging the undesirable consequences from centuries of human ignorance will not save us.

Humanity cannot solve climate change, for it is a consequence of nature’s irreversible entropy. Anybody who tells you otherwise is an evolutionary snake oil salesman, stuck in the solipsism of thought we control the world and ignorant to the discoveries from the greats of science.

Yes, we should reduce the garbage we leave behind, and I applaud the efforts of the United Nations and others to reduce dangerous emissions. But to sell a decline in CO2 emissions as the cure to climate change is shortsighted and misleading. Worse, it distracts from our need to adapt.


The cause of change, such as climate change, aging, and our resistance to pathogens, is the result of nature’s entropy, defined by Richard Feynman as the irreversible decline of available energy. We do not control that decline. We can only do our best to adapt to it. To do more with less. To become more agile rather than less.

To put it differently, becoming a responsible human being means more than wiping the grease off your mouth from the fried chicken you eat every day. Becoming responsible means questioning why you eat fried chicken every day.

Fried Chicken Every Day

The proverbial fried chicken we eat daily is reminiscent of living in a society without a human theory. No different from people working in a business without a mission statement, goal, or business plan. What could possibly go wrong?

We proudly call the failure of not having had a human theory freedom. Blissfully forgetting freedom cannot exist without paradoxical rules.

We’re building a culture of throwaway people – uneducated, apathetic, overmedicated, stuffed with fat and chemicals, and convinced that bad behavior will land them a fortune through reality tv.

Unidentified American

Freedom itself is a consequence, not the cause of a theory. So, adjusting freedom by the asymmetry of cause and consequence will not yield a theory. We must first establish a human theory from which we can derive a consequence of freedom. A theory that is not manmade but is derived from nature’s first-principles.

Without a human theory, we are doomed.

For it means we will never achieve agreement on ideologies, systems, rules, and desired outcomes, leaving us choking on the fried chicken-induced financial obesity, eleven times the size of production nature has no respect for.

Financial wherewithal will not make humanity more resilient—quite the opposite.


Not having a causal theory for humanity implicates and demonstrates we have broken principles. Broken as in incompatible with nature:

Broken principles mean we have broken ideologies:

Broken ideologies mean we have broken systems:

Broken systems mean we have “broken” outcomes:

  • The United States is the second most obese country in the world, with 40,000 people dying from obesity every month(!). Only 50 million Americans of some 400 million living “health conscious” lives. 57% of kids will be obese by 35 years old. 75% of applicants to the army today are considered unfit.
  • Seventy percent of Americans are chronically dependent on prescription drugs, the vast majority on anti-depressants. 86% of healthcare cost is devoted to chronic diseases.
  • In 2020, nearly 70,000 people died from opioids, up 30%. 40% of Americans are prediabetic.
  • 18% of GDP is spent on healthcare, with poor delivery. Bandaging instead of preventive care. American healthcare is twice as expensive as other Western civilizations.
  • Americans have accumulated $140B in healthcare debt.
  • American students have accumulated $1.5T in student debt, producing 44% of unemployment in recent post-college graduates.
  • 41% of Americans spend more than half their income on rent. 60% are enslaved to a job that pays no more than $40K, insufficient to buy healthy food, care for a family, or pay medical bills in America.
  • About 33% of people in the United States have debt in collections.
  • America spends $80B per year on the cost of imprisonment. While we are 5% of the world’s population, we harbor 25% of the world’s prisoners. California spends more on incarceration than on high school education.
  • 15.8% of Americans are considered extremely poor. 25% of children in the public school system are on food support. 48 Million people live on food stamps. Childhood poverty costs the United States $1.03 trillion per year.
  • 57% of Americans cannot afford $500. 55% of Americans have credit card debt.
  • Depending on election season, roughly 70% of the American public has disenfranchised itself from voting. Meaning, a President gets the buy-in from roughly only 16% of the population. Do not confound any President’s opinion with the American people’s opinion.
  • US national debt at $23 Trillion exceeds our GDP.

I Know We Can Do Better

The solution to this mess is not to bandage every occurrence of undesirable outcomes that indirectly affects us all. Fixing consequences does not infer a fix of causation. Throwing more money at these consequential issues will not repair the cause either.

The solution to prevent these outcomes from happening is to abide by nature’s principles that form a human theory embedded into our systems to expand human ingenuity and capacity in all the directions nature, not humanity, deems appropriate.

Our laissez-faire constructs, derived from our lack of leadership and fear to change the Constitution, even though Thomas Jefferson agreed it should be rewritten every thirty years, are considered the ball and chain to human progress that makes people believe we will never change.

Thankfully, I found a way to remove that ball. Systemically.

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