America Is Badly Broken, Yet Not Beyond Renewal

I want to draw your attention to the enclosed slide I created to face the stark reality of how many of our systems are now publicly considered broken. The people and foundations having assessed the integrity of these “systems” are no slouches. They are, in essence, demonstrating we are the superpower of grand scale mediocrity.

Intelligence At Work

Must I remind you the genius of humanity, the most intelligent species on our planet, created these systems? Must I remind you many of our Presidents, arguably the most powerful people in the world, acknowledged they are broken? So, why do we allow ourselves to be held hostage by constructs we all acknowledge do not work? To hold on to a constitutional bible proven to have expired?

Giving new meaning to developed countries, the people of the United States of America are in trouble because the systems under which we operate are broken. Sure, our people look better off than in most other countries. Under the crackled veneer of leaderboard GDP lies deep dysfunction, poverty, depression, and despair, causing a rapid decline in the quality of human renewal.

The Slide

Forty thousand people in our country die every month(!) from obesity, almost nine 9/11s at our own hands. Seventy percent of Americans are chronically dependent on prescription drugs, most antidepressants. Do we not realize how we cunningly extract GDP even from bearish American excellence?

Even more broken are the many mindless copy-cat cultures worldwide thinking this mess represents human excellence worthy of replication. Clearly, they have never learned to think for themselves. The Eurozone, in almost every way, is an attempt to copy the United States. Our aspirations become theirs. Our actions become their actions. Our broken systems have become theirs.

I should know, I was born in Europe and I still have strong connections informing me of the increasing Americanization of Europe. I used to love the unique identity and sovereignty of the countries that are now slipping away. No monism of absolutism is good for the world—Au contraire.

Nature’s Truth

The reality of our manmade mess appears daunting and yet, is so easy to tackle. All it takes is real leadership like the one Lee Kuan Yew deployed even within the confines of Singapore’s rigid democracy. Lee Kuan Yew changed Singapore upstream, now rivaling US GDP with zero debt.

But we can do much better than Singapore. We must first address our ignorance of nature’s reality.

One hundred years ago, Albert Einstein discovered the evolution of everything, including humanity, revolves around the theory of general relativity. To date, none of the systems managing human capacity and ingenuity adheres to general relativity. Human arbitrage is at least one hundred years behind the nature of its assets. No wonder things aren’t going well.

In simple terms, humanity is held hostage by flat-world systems incompatible with the round-world we actually live in. We can and must build a relativity theory for humanity to which all our systems must adhere.

Master Human Theory

We have not deployed a causal master thesis for humanity to which all the consequential systems of humanity must contribute. That’s the equivalent of running a business without a business plan. No wonder things aren’t going well.

Everything humanity does must improve human adaptability to nature’s entropy. It is that simple. Meaning, we must stop pretending to rule or can save our planet and instead focus on adapting to the change nature’s entropy throws our way. While the climate actions are useful to curb the effects of human ignorance, we will never be successful in reversing the asymmetry of the decline of available energy on our planet, Richard Feynman refers to as entropy.

Amidst all the fiery debates on climate change, I have yet to see a plan of human adaptation. So, I made one based on nature’s truths.


A new normalization of human cause correlated to nature’s truth, with an upstream thesis described above, will wipe out the downstream deficiencies of the past. Something Thomas Jefferson advised us to do every thirty years.

Meaning, many of the systems in existence today exist because of the absence of a human theory. And instead of adhering to first-principles, specific rules needed to be defined to solve specific problems.

Our systems will look completely different when they are subjugated to the newly stated and communicated overarching agenda of humanity. The way we construct them as relativity theories will tap into a broader swath of dynamic human merit, aiding the necessary skills to meet the broader humanitarian agenda.

Real Systems

Perhaps the most important reason why our systems failed is that they were not systems at all. In the same way, a weather system is not a system. A weather system is a symptom, a consequence from, tada, nature’s entropy at its cause.

Fortunately for us, the broken systems listed above are rebels without a cause. Not just because they violate nature’s first-principles that improve human adaptability to nature’s entropy. But because a real system is defined by the selection of input fed into a theory to produce the desired output, just like feeding the theory of a combustion engine with gasoline to produce torque.

We are fortunate because we only need the systems to change for the participants to change.

A Bright Future

Humanity deserves better leadership.

Just imagine what we, humans, could achieve when we align ourselves with nature’s first-principles, establish a master theory for humanity, and fix the implementation of systems that, in the words of Albert Einstein, determine what humanity can discover.

I cover all that in our back-to-school masterclass on human evolution.

The sign of an intelligent nation is its willingness and ability to reinvent itself, upstream. Let’s inspire the world with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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