The Progress Of My Book

Georges van Hoegaerden
Georges van Hoegaerden
Founder, Author, and Managing Director of methodEVA.

A long time ago, I began the process of writing a book. At that point, the main thesis of the book was going to be about the defunct arbitrage of venture capital. Until I noticed how its precedents grandfathered venture capital’s systemic dysfunction. I elevated my research and my multi-year path of discovery to asset management, the state of economics, the state of humanity, and then finally, the state of human evolution.

So, when friends come over and ask me when I will run out of excuses and beg me for an expected release date of the book, I smile. A smile that hides a smirk. And I follow up by explaining that a book contradicting a country and a copycat world enamored with self-fulfilling prophecies takes careful consideration to stand up to and face the widespread reverberation of populism.

Simply put, it is not easy to eradicate two hundred years of downstream self-indulgence with a theory of humanity that not only disclaims those foregone conclusions but replaces them with a new, better, and overarching thesis in less than five years.

I understand and appreciate the enthusiasm for the book, but the book is merely one approach embodied in scripture of the broad base causal thinking behind it. Meaning, depending on the audience’s purview, I could write a hundred books to best meet the proximal development of the large audience to which it appeals. Today, I offer advisory and masterclasses to address immediate and highly customized needs.

There are some excuses worthy of mention. During Covid, I went through the tail-end of a restless twenty-year marriage, the contentious divorce wrap-up, the forced and inequitable separation from my lovely daughter, a recent major mountain-biking accident causing spinal and rib fractures, and a girlfriend in the midst of my recovery walking out on me.

No need for pity, but psychologically making it a little difficult to focus, as you may imagine. But I am (slowly) getting back on the horse, freed from the chains that held me back. With Covid resurgence permitting, my first travel internationally will occur in less than one month.

I am enormously grateful for your patience and continued support for a journey that serves us all. For those who preordered my book, I will honor those obligations at publication time. Please consider donating, every dollar helps, to push harder for humanity to align with nature.

The sign of an intelligent nation is its willingness and ability to reinvent itself, upstream. Let’s inspire the world with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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