The Empty Sack Of VC Arbitrage

Ten years ago, I wrote how the rapid deployment of venture capital rounds is no positive indicator of the humanitarian value produced. Over those ten years, humanity has not become more adaptable to nature because of the funds deployed; quite the opposite.

After years of ups and downs in the deployment of funds, we are here again. Having learned nothing from the prior internet bubbles, spawned by uniform and thus subprime arbitrage of venture capital, we again pat ourselves on the back for the speed at which we induce a whole new flurry of pump-and-dump schemes with excessive valuations sold to innocent greater-fools.

I posit again: how does the “innovation” accelerated by these funding rounds improve human adaptability to nature’s entropy? When will technology innovation actually create humanitarian value?

Because when the infusion of capital does not improve human adaptability to nature’s entropy, the speed and amounts of money deployed are not a positive but a net negative to humanity.

(Chart provided by Carta)

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